Friday, July 22, 2011


John Ball Zoo.... We are lucky enough to live only 5 minutes from it! this year we got a season pass and Noah asks to go all the time! It also is a great workout because you have to walk up hill throughout the entire place.. (pushing a double stroller) might I add! Noah will say he wants to see the 
  • Wions - Lions
  • tigews - tigers
  • beawes - bears
  • alfas (Monkey in German)  
Anyway it is a cute little zoo and I will have tons of pictures from there and all of our adventures.
Me and my handsome little man! 

 He just saw the bears using the potty.... He is grossed out...

The cute little petting zoo.. ;(

Showing the goat who is boss.. ;)

Noah and Algum checking out the monkeys..
Noah in mid air...

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