Monday, July 18, 2011

Tulip Time! April 2011

 Ah Spring in Michigan.. How wonderful! And living on the west side of the state we are very lucky to be so close to Lake Michigan and all of the oh-so-AHdorable little beach towns! Holland has the "Tulip Time Festival" and we decided to check it out this year! This town has tulips everywhere, even in between the side walk and the road throughout the entire city!! Cute right?

 Dutch flicks were playing at the local theatre...
 We watched the wooden shoes being made... Noah loved it! 

 The local high schools dress up and participate in the parade.... I wonder if next year they will let me join in.. I bought some wooden shoes just in case.. ;)

 Noah and Lucas each got their own wooden shoe... 

 All of the little shops and cafes' had these signs posted up... 

xo Lacy

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  1. SOPHIE... Yay you have a blog! Maybe you always have had one I'm just not very good at the blogging thing anymore. You're kids are so cute and you look so great. I hope everything is going well.