Wednesday, July 20, 2011

South Carolina Road trip part 2

 It still is so crazy every time I look and see that I have two little boys sitting in a double stroller. I am so lucky to have such incredibly happy and handsome little boys! I love them so much, I want to squeeze them everyday! oh and I do...
 One of the days it was raining pretty hard, I am actually happy that it did, because we were able to check out the aquarium. Like most curious little boys Noah absolutely loves animals and discovering new things.

 The famous King Street.. We headed down there almost every single day awesome shopping and food!! We had such a great time in Charleston, in fact we fell in love and will be headed back very soon! I need to work on my southern accent y'all.... 
 On the drive back home, we stopped in Nashville, Alex's little brother is stationed there and we had not seen him since he got back from Afganistan serving our country. 
 We weren't in Nashville very long, but long enough to see the Grand ole Opry and downtown... I wish we would have had more time there..
 Noah loved the guitars... He does have one a wiggles guitar, the batteries died on that thing and you better believe that they wont be replaced either... Don't judge me -k-.. I will put him in lessons when he is older.
 A man can dream right??
 Noah loved stopping in Kentucky to see the "Chooch"
 My little brother and his cute wife live in Louisville, we were able to meet in Indiana and have dinner on the water.. The river was super dirty and had tons of debris floating down it due to the flooding. Our trip down south we passed several flooded homes, businesses and roads. We also were down there during all of the crazy tornados that happened this year. I have never had such a terrible feeling in my gut seeing those homes that were lost. It puts everything into a new prospective on how blessed we are and also how quickly it can change. 
We had such a fun trip, it was nice to actually spend time together as a family. I am gone so much with work and he is so busy with school that I feel like we never see each other.... all I can say is that I love all these boys.. 


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  1. So I'm totally a blog stalker and I already knew about your blog from facebook :) Scott says hi too!
    PS You have my dream hair color/length. I told my stylist to ombre my hair like that and it just turned out all one color of mousy blond, so I highlighted it again. Portland needs some better stylists!