Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Guys I haven't done a seriously post for like ever! Sad right?! 
I have some good ones too! 
1- My little Luke has a problem, its gross so sorry in advance
He sticks his finger down his throat to make himself throw up, and it happened in the car yesterday, there is nothing worse than carseat + throwup.
2- Speaking of cars, my road rage needs to come to an end, may or may not have told some
jerk to get off my tail and called him an "A hole" so Noah has been waling around the house 
telling people to get off of his tail A hole. ( but the real word) wonderful
3- While driving to Church on Sunday morning we were in a crazy snow storm, we tried to stop at the intersection and slid right through it. So scary, luckily no cars were coming through in the other direction. We turned around and headed home however....

Moments before the throw-up.........

 Hard to believe this is a "Main road" where are your plows Michigan?

Proof of me in my Sunday best. 
We did "try" to get to church ok........

4-The new fun thing for Luke is the Tornado game
all of these pictures were taken well before lunch time had even hit! 
Nice eh?

5- Noah got into the Nutella, and left a perfect Enrique Igesias
Mole on his face, I thought it was pretty funny!! 

6- Last but not least Luke found my bra, he knew where it was supposed to go, 
should I be worried? Oh the events over here are 
Seriously amazing! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Utah friends

I have been meaning to do this post for like ever, but I thought it would be a great way to introduce my love Amanda. She is going to be a guest blogger coming up... So stay tuned.... One glorious day I was shopping at her store in Utah and we met and then I did her hair and then she introduced me to Kathryn and I did her hair too, and the rest was history.. I love these two more than life!

These photos are from Amanda's annual cookie party and fabulous gift exchange!! We all bring a few dozen cookies and gifts! It was a lot of fun and I was abel to meet some new awesome ladies!! 
ugh and I am drooling looking at these cookies and remembering how delish they were! 

Part of the yummy dinner Amanda made for us! 

Date Night Cedar City Style!! OK How amazing is it to be at your Moms casa so she can babysit? Not only that but Movies in Cedar City, Utah are only like $7.00

Talk about photo opp, on our date night the "Breaking Dawn" wedding backdrop was up.. 
*We didn't see that movie though! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 In Las Vegas

Before moving to Michigan last year, I lived in Las Vegas and worked on the strip. I did hair at the Bellagio for 6 years and then opened up the Aria Hotel Salon and was there for 6 months before moving to Grand Rapids. Because the new year is soooo busy in the salons on the strip and I was west, I was able to help them out at Aria! I have enjoyed all of the time off work spent with my boys, but there is nothing like doing hair on New Years Eve on the strip. I have seen all sorts of things, celebs, drunks, freaks, huge A holes that yell at me in some foreign language saying volume as they pull their hair down flat towards their head.. "What"? but none the less 10 hours and 17 clients later it is kinda worth it... ;) After the long day I still managed to go to dinner with some great friends! oh and I didn't fall asleep before midnight this year! 

When I took this picture I remember sending it through Instagram and it was 8:00 pm AND 76 degrees.. I miss Las Vegas Weather.

One of my favorite long time clients is Jennifer Tilly, I was happy to be in town the same time she was and do her hair!!

These two little southern belles are also some of my  favorite clients as well! They wanted something up and fun for the ball that night!! 

Some of my Loves in Vegas! I am super sad I didn't have my camera out with us this night..
Guess who is having a GIVEAWAY soon? That is right I am, I am!
Stay tuned! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sock Monkey Birthday..

Last weekend we celebrated Luke's 1st Birthday, with a little bash at Mi Casa.. While trying to come up with a theme I saw the boys' sock monkeys staring at me from their dresser, and I knew it was a sign from the heavens. While I was getting things ready that week my stupid printer broke, and I thought hmmm maybe I will use stamps instead.. I had remembered seeing some at Anthro! 
I am quite pleased with the stamps... I suggest using them to anyone!! 
Beware a total picture overload is about to happen! 
Party Time Excellent
 This was also the first day that my little Luke could stand up on his own and take a few steps.

 Banana Split Bar

 A lot of the things that I used for the party I already had laying around my house.. The party favors were left over baby food jars, the yarn I already had and the empty mason jars were also already at my house. The brown paper was only $5.99 for the whole roll.
 Monkey Ropes

 Monkey Bars (straws) and tootsie rolls

I thought to stick along to the monkey theme and have a banana split bar, one of my favorite things ever .

The craft table

 Making the banana splits
 The bar

 Let them eat cake

banana bread cake with caramel filling