Wednesday, July 20, 2011

South Carolina Road trip! Part 1

We were really stumped about where to go during Alex's spring break. We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm to get away from the freezing A winter in Michigan we had just endured.. So we decided to head to Charleston.... From Michigan it is about a 15 hour drive. I thought it would be a piece of cake with two kids in the car that long, I mean we all know I am a pro traveler. We packed up the Yukon with our snacks and a thousand DVD's for Noah man! We had a few stops along the way and we made it to Charleston in 16 hours... I must say that I would never recommend doing that to anyone.. Driving there all in one day I mean, Alex and I were both about to fall asleep.. But somehow we made it there yay!! We stayed at the "Tides" hotel in Folly Beach, a cute little place that they had remodeled, and best of all it was right on the ocean.. Here are some pics of the trip! 

While driving through Kentucky we saw a billboard for the 1st KFC. We thought maybe we should stop there just to see it.. Um ya I guess here is the picture, luckily it was only 15 min out of our way so it wasn't that big of a waste of time.. I bet the K. Sanders would not appreciate the over processed, hormone chicken factory it has become... Sad.. ;( But I would still give anything for some biscuits from KFC don't judge, you know you love them too.. 
 I have always wanted to go to a plantation... I mean who hasn't seen the notebook right? We went to Magnolia Plantation, it was breathtaking I loved everything about it. There was a petting zoo, train tour through the swamp (where they filmed "Swamp Thing"), all of the beautiful gardens... Ah how I love Charleston.. If you have heard me say that before I know it isn't the first and it wont be the last.

 Swamp Thing.. Noah said the "Eye" was in there. * I will have to do a post on "the eye" all of my friends and family know that Noah has a secret and he sees dead people... Seriously though it is pretty freaking scary the stuff he says.. 

 Honestly as much as my kids and I love the beach, I never want to not live by one again!

 I was minding my own business when a flock of seagulls came and stole my sandwich. It scared me so bad, I am sure that would have been hilarious to see that sight. Anyways Noah is trying to get my food back for me.. So funny. 

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  1. Going through your Charleston posts - so cute! Makes me want to be a tourist in my own town...I never take in Charleston like I should. Great pics!