Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seriously Wednesday.. day 12,13,14,15

Why is everything funny when you add a mustache? We were playing with these Staches and were laughing our tails off!! 

Guys what a crazy week I just had.... Between the holiday and a long drive I am pooped.. I really love this time of year, but it also means Alex has finals.. booo and finals mean I never see him, but that also means another semester checked off the list... I need to be more of a glass half full kinda girl.... 
I have a confession I think am totally going to be a scrooge this year and not put up a tree, I know I know but because we are headed west on Dec.15 - Jan. 4 and we were out of town Thanksgiving weekend 
(thats when I usually put it up) ... I can just blog about Christmas delights I find on Pinterest and 

I am done with my outfit challenge.. I can't believe it.. I must say that the days I actually get ready and put on a cute outfit I am more likely to take the kids somewhere fun, go on more walks, get housework done, overall just had more energy.... I think I will try and keep it up.. But I wont take pics unless i learn to pose cute one day!!! 

Day 12

Day 13
Notice my new IPhone cover.. it was $2.33 at amazon! Steal right? and it really looks just like a cassette tape!! LOVE IT!! 

Day 14

Day 15
I ruined these tan boots in New York, I am sad I have had them for 3 years and have been awesome, Alex swears I wrecked them with  gum on purpose because I have been wanting some new ones!! ps I still have one more New York post left!! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New York Tourist

Even though I have  been so lucky to able able to go to New York multiple times, and Alex lived there for two years while he served a mission for the LDS church, we  never get sick of seeing Times Square, walking through Central Park, the great food, shopping and the overall energy of the city. There really is nothing like it!! We lucked out and had weather in the 60's the whole time we were there.. It was perfect! Most of the stores already had their Christmas window displays up and the trees on the streets were lit! Although it wasn't easy pushing a giant stroller around and fighting the crowds of the holiday weekend it was still worth it!! 
So we totally acted like tourists 
-walked through the park
-played the Piano and FAO Schwarz (BIG style)
-Ate at POP (Delish)
-M&M and Disney at Times Square
and many other things along the way... 

This Barbie table is only $25,000 what a steal right?

 Make your own muppets.. We didn't do it, but I think next trip I totally want to do this!!

 POP!! Such a yummy place, I am still dreaming about the fries!! Delish

 Ah Tiffany's

 The tree was up at Rockefeller Center but they don't light it until December.. 

 Washington Bridge.. Noah loves bridges and calls them fridges
 The LDS temple
 Oh Mr. Jonathan Adler.. Why must your store be so incredible?

 Best picture ever... Noah couldn't believe this robot man, he was saying oh my gosh and covering his mouth in disbelief!! 

Ah how I love this place... 

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Thanksgiving time in the City..

Over the weekend we made the trek to NYC!! One of my BFF's Reagan lives there.. Her and I share many amazing memories together, dating back to the mid 90's.... Nothing like visiting friends for the holidays. It is awesome living East-ish to be able to drive to New York. It is always brave for people to take in my two wild boys.. 3 if you include Alex. She slaved over a hot stove and hosted an amazing Turkey and Tofurkey meal!! Preparing everything from scratch even the pie crusts. PS where did the term as easy as pie come from? It is hard work!! Thanks again Mei!!
{Mei is our nicknames for each other}

some of Reagan and Jake's friends came to dinner too, Amanda Blair and Anwar.. It was awesome meeting them and they both played sooooo cute with the kiddos!! 

Me and the love of my life!!  

Before our meal we were able to go and visit Reagan's daughter Miss Piper Jane!! Always a MUST while in New York!! 

 The last time I saw Pip she couldn't stand up on her own, now she is all grown up!! 
Um I don't know about this guy Momma
 Noah sharing is prized power rangers

 Sweetest moments of my trip

Instant BFF's