Sunday, July 31, 2011


In June I made a quick trip to Vegas and Utah to  teach a {Laced Hair Extension} class and do some Hair Extensions on some of my favorite clients.. ;) It was perfect timing, because I got to see my sweet little niece Lettie get baptized...and also say goodbye to my little brother who is heading off to Iraq. We had fun, but Noah and alex stayed home and we missed them like the desert misses the rain. While in Vegas I didn't have my camera to take any pictures. But I was able to snap some photos of my time in Salt Lake with the family. 
 Lettie Baptized by her pops Dustin

 Carson and B dogg
 Me and Lettie
 Me and Steph (Aunt seps)
 I love this pic of my little Baylee.. 
 my girls with their braids and face paint {Idid the hair not makeup}
 Awe little Carter

 One of my lovlies {Before}
 {Love It}

Luke with uncle Shay

Hop on the Potty "Train"

So I have always heard how terrible it is to potty train a 2 year old (supposedly worse for boys) I couldn't agree more . First of all this gross potty seat that sings a magical tune when wet. And randomly it would go off like in the middle of the night or when I was home alone, which totally scared me you know because of the "eye" and all, I made sure to disable that annoying song right way. Noah really thinks that it is his "Train" as in choo choo... It is pretty funny to hear him say Mommy I went on my potty train ride.. Ha Ha... So cute, but what is not cute is the pee that gets all over it and you have to wash it out. Anyways the point of this story is that if I could turn back time I would have never bought this magical smelly train of germs.  During a rain storm I left it outside all day and night, and now he will use the big boy potty.. glorious day for all...

So now that Noah is kind of trained he wants to only wear his undies backwards, I guess it makes sense that he would want the characters on the front right... So this is my Noah's new uniform of choice backwards undies..

Noah and Foof feeding the Ducks

How it worked for us...
So I am super sick of buying diapers for two little boys and I heard little things that everyone did. I got a big bag and put a whole bunch of treats in it, every time he went peeps he got to take a treat from the bag. I thought at first he would maybe do it once a day, but he was getting like 5 -6 treats out of that bag a day... Whoops my child was on a sugar high for about five days but after he got used to it I figure it was all worth it. Those baby teeth fall out anyways right? I am sure he misses those fruit snacks now...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucas Norman - 1.06.2011

It was a freezing cold January morning. I was scheduled to be induced at 8:00 am. Everything went just as planned I had a quick and easy labor and delivery (yes an epidural) I think it is crazy not to have one...  It was wonderful. He was here at 5:45 PM. He was 7.3 lbs and 19.5 inches. Alex and my Momma we able to we there for the delivery of my little Luke man. Nothing can describe the feeling that you get holding that little precious baby in your arms for the first time. He is perfect, and I am so lucky to have such a sweet little angel again. Lucas Norman is named after my Grandpa Norman Louis Gadegaard. He has been in such a inspiration in my life and I am honored to be able to have  my little baby named after him. 
 On our way to the hospital
 39.7 weeks

 Grandma Carolyn and Lucas
 Noah and Luke... First time meeting
 Our first family photo.

 Lucas and Daddy

 On our way home, I am in serious need of some bronzer eh? 

Mommy loves you sweet baby boy.. 

Friday night lights.. Blast from 2010 past

Since starting the blog I have been sifting through pictures from days of old.... I have hundreds of pictures that are post worthy and maybe one day I will be all caught up.. Probably not. Anyways before I moved to Michigan from Las Vegas I stayed in Utah for a month or so. I was able to watch my baby brother, Carson play his final season as the Cedar High QB. Growing up in a small town football (well Sports in general) is everything. My little Noah had so much fun at every game and still wants to wear his jersey he calls "Uncle Carson Shirt". These pictures are from Fall of 2010
 Noah and Maddox (Magis)  were the cutest little fans

Best friends and partners in crime.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thats what I love about Sunday....

Every (almost) sunday we get dressed and head for Church. We are usually the ones that truck in late even though it doesn't start until 11:30 (my old excuse was that it started too early at 9:00 and I am still so used to west coast time... ) It also is a 25 minute drive each way, something I always took advantage of living so close to curches back in the days of the wild, wild west. Anyways I did a little photo shoot cuz I thought my little boys looked so handsome in their little handmade ties I bought them from {Re}Cycled consign and Design in Utah. I also added a photo of myself because I can finally fit into my pre-pregnancy black pencil skirt and I was happy... so what if I couldn't zip it up all of the way or walk very well, don't judge me.. :)
Cutest little men around! 

I love lamp.

Tuesdays are my only days that  I see hubs during the day.. And it doesn't even happen every Tuesday, but when it does I find it pretty glorious. I even try to wear something cute, do my hair and slap on some makeup. ( now that I finally bought some again) Last Tuesday we headed to the farmers market and ate lunch at one of my fav's "The Green Well". um Might I add it was the hottest day of the year. But we still went and I snuck into the cute little antique shop and picked up an adorable little lamp that was on sale for $6 bones... 
 Strike a pose
 Oh ya you can for sure see that I hadn't bought my new makeup yet, ick but I wanted to show off my favorite necklace that one of my besities Reagan gave me.. As you can see they are vintage type writer letters     "L", "N", "A" 
I got it even before I had "Lucas", I think this necklace was a huge decision maker for picking his name..
 I love lamp

 OH "Real" tomatoes how I love you and your naturally ripened flava flav.

I love this giant ball of smiles and cuteness...