Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I do believe the warm weather has taken over my blogging.. All of my Easter pictures and my last Utah/Vegas trip haven't even been uploaded. I need to get on it.. But lets do some seriously moments..
Feel free to share some of yours from the week So I know I am not the only crazy one..

  • Noah found someone's "weave/hair extension track/weft on the ground. Noah- "Mom someone lost their hair extensions, should you put them back in for them?" First of all I'm not sure any other 3 year old would even know what that was.. I got a pretty big kick out of that one!
  • My friend Emily and I were watching the Bachelor (pathetic I know) last night.. I heard a crash in the boys room, followed by whimpering, and then a little knocking on their door. It was LUKE the little 17 month old stinker has learned how to climb out of his crib... There is no way I am getting him a toddler bed. So I am thinking of getting one of those tent things thoughts? 
  • Noah has been sleeping in Lu Lu's crib to help him go to sleep.. (I am sure that by watching Noah is how he now knows how)
  • We have a moving date (Well the boys and I) August 18th we are headed to Utah, until further notice! Bittersweet.
  • My post baby hairs are so bad, real bad... At least my bald spots are feeling in, but after I go to the gym I am a hot mess.
  • I learned to use the egg beaters to shred chicken.. My life as we know it has begun.. Do it. it must work for roast beef and pork too, if meat tickles your fancy like it does mine! 

The "naughties" in Luke's crib

The Hair Extension weft

Use the beaters to shred chicken.. Your life from here on out will change.

Noah looking like Racheal Zoe

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day at the zoo Via iPhone

With the weather being so warm in Michigan there are countless activities to keep the boys busy! One of them being our cute Grand Rapids Zoo, it is only minutes from our house you can find us there a few times a week (at the least). With everything from Lions, Tigers, and bears they also have a petting zoo where you can pet goats, pigs, and cows. There are Wild turkeys and chickens running around! They also have camels and you can ride them! Last year Noah was to scared, this year he jumped right on and was so excited! Such a great day with these two!! We are loving this warm weather!

This boy was in heaven....

Brushing the goats

Thanksgiving dinner

Feeding the ducks


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Park City, Utah

While in Utah Alex and I were in some serious need of a mini Vacay (kidless). My Sister lives in Salt Lake City and offered to babysit the boys while we had a mini getaway to the Montage 5 star resort. One of my sweet friends that I worked with at the Bellagio, is now the manager and the Salon/Spa there and it was offseason so we got a great deal and I am pretty sure we were the only guests there... After working in 2 incredible hotels in my day I know great service when I see it and I am pretty sure I haven't been to a more swanky place!! 
We were there a mere 18 hours, but I enjoyed every minute!! 

{Laced Hair Extensions} are back in.. You know I never last very long without them...

They had a super fun (HUGE) game room, we were the only ones in it!! We spend a good few hours in there, had dinner, and acted like little kids... I won a few games
ok only one game.. It was my first time "shuffle"boarding... 

The room
On the drive through the canyon to Salt Lake.. I miss mountains they make me feel like home!

S'mores, ice cream sunday, home made marshmallows, need I say more?
Mini bowling alley.. 
On the way out, the valet gave us these sweet hats.. of course I wore mine..

My favorite thing about staying in a nice hotel is room service for breakfast.. we always order it the night before so when we wake up its already waiting for us!! 
I had such a fun time with this handsome love of my life!! He deserved a fun getaway after working so hard! Only two Semesters of LAW school left and I couldn't be happier!