Monday, July 11, 2011

Airplane checklist.. (with kids) By someone who knows and cares

  1. Xanex or Alcohol... what ever you prefer.. unfortunately I haven't had either while flying with my kids alone, but I think that will change next trip.  I am serious.
  2. The latest US weekly, People Mag has way to much truth to it... Not that you will get to even open it at all,  but it will make you feel better at least reading the cover to see what celeb is preggers.
  3. At least 10 diapers... (for an average 6 hr flight) sounds like a lot right? But you will hate making a diaper out of paper towels in the gross airplane lavatory (you know pee all over the floor) trust me.. It never happened to me but I saw them making one once on 16 and pregnant and it looked terrible.
  4. Economy sized wet wipes... I mean how gross are those cheap blue pleather seats and arm rests.. Need I say more
  5. TREATS.. and not boring healthy snacks that we make the kids eat at home, we are talking Candy, fruit snacks... Juice Boxes.. (They will let you bring them on if you have kiddos!! And Sour patch kids for yourself.. Duh
  6. 4 outfits for your kids, maybe only one or two if they are older than 2yrs.. also bring an extra tunic/shirt that can be thrown in your bag. You know you will probably get pooped on at the least..
  7. Activities and plenty of them... I bring crayons, stickers, color books, books, toys... toys... Portable Dvd player.. I bought an I-pad for my own use, but Noah and now even Luke has taken it over... I swear my two year old knows how to work the thing better than I do, but hey it has been a life saver on my trips... ;)
  8. Head Phones... At least if your kids are screaming you can plug into the free radio they so generously offer or the in flight movie that was Jennifer Aniston's latest flop.. Sad.... I do love her, but lets be honest she hasn't made the best movies lately.... 
  9. Hooter Hider ..Burp clothes... Aiden + Anais blanket! Seriously my favorite blankets.. they are big but will fit into a small tiny ball and can be stuffed anywhere... 
  10. Bring one of those small rolls of doogie bags for the dirty diapers and other trash to go in... Just try and take it with you when you leave, or if you happen to forget your expensive make-up bag full of Mac brushes, glosses and Sephora treasures right next to your sack of baby doo that flight attendant will be pissed off and for sure is keeping it for herself (this just happened and is for the next post)
  11. Binks, pacifiers, plugs, and bottles...Formula the little to-go packs. Even if you are breast feeding you never know when you might need to have a bottle just in case.   
Trust me all of these things can and will fit in your diaper bag... My favorite choice is my Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, it is a backpack so you can throw it on and carry two kids off the plane with ease..

Another tip (something I didn't learn until like 2 flights ago) you can have your husband/person who dropped you off get a gate ticket.. meaning they can assist you through security.. SCORE.. That is the hardest part we all know since they make you take down your stroller and send it through.. I mean come on right? Anyways with help through security you can certainly wear way cuter shoes... ;)

Always ask the person at the ticket counter (make way sad poor me traveling with my two kids alone eyes) to see if there is an empty row... or even an extra seat will help! You never know, and that vacant seat next to you makes an awesome changing table... Lay down your burp cloth of course..

Um its way late I hope this list helps some of you first time baby travelers ... Don't be scared.. usually people are super nice and willing to help.. 

Safe travels and enjoy your flight.. ;) 


  1. I think I would just rather mail one of my babies. You are way to ambitious. Seriously. PS. Love the aiden and anias blankeys.. Do you have the bamboo ones? They are to die for soft. Jack Jack's favorite! Love your cute little blog! And love you!

  2. ha ha i know right?! Yes I have some regular, but got some of the bamboo for Lucas... they are my favorite also! Yay I love getting comments on the blog.. makes me feel special... miss u

  3. We leave this Saturday for 2 weeks! My first plane trip alone with all three kiddos. I have done it with two, but I am a little scared for the three. Wish me luck. San Diego better have good weather for us when we get there! :-)

  4. @Jessica ahh three kiddos!! Good luck and I am sure San Diego will be worth it!! Enjoy!! ps some content in this post was for laughing material only... Can't wait to see some photos! xo

  5. Thank you so much, I am flying on Friday with Carter and this was a big help! I was really wondering about the snack thing.