Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lost but not found..

Seriously, I have  problem I lose everything.. I always have and I always will I guess. But it sucks when you lose things of importance, I could go on for weeks about the things that I have lost or misplaced, but I just wanted to talk about things lately. In June I went on two trips, one to Vegas/Utah and one to Seattle. My trip to Seattle I had a layover in Chicago. I left my phone there, how lovely right? It was a monday morning when my Mom got a phone call, he said hi this is Jose calling from United Airlines are you Lacy's  Mom? Her heart sank as she said yes I am. Imagine her relief when he said I found her cell phone will you tell her to call me .... eekkk My Mom is still mad at me for scaring her like that! So anyways I got lucky.. whoo hoo.

Trip out of Salt Lake City... Not so Lucky.. ;( I was at the ticket counter checking in my bags, my stupid suitcase weighed 54 lbs, he said to take out 2 of them. I was in a hurry and the first thing I saw was my make-up bag. I thought this should be easy I will just throw it in my diaper bag. So I did. Anyways I forgot it when I was leaving the plane.. Sad right.. Every girl knows how terrible it is to lose Make-up. Unless you are a natural beauty, which face it I am not. So back to the story. Right next to the makeup bag was 2 dirty diapers, I seriously did not mean to leave them on there... anyways I guess I really pissed of the flight attendant who had to clean those bad boys up and she figured her reward would be new makeup. First of all gross, who wants to use a strangers makeup.. Oh well that is life. The last few weeks I have been looking extra ugly.. (Poor Alex) One of my amazing friends took pity on me and sent me a Sephora gift card as an early birthday present.. (LOVE HER)  
I was able to go shopping this week and start to re-buy my face. I would also like to thank Nordstrom for having their sale and having a Mac brush set on sale... 
Stilla -Naturaleyes eye shadow palette and smudge stick eyeliner.
My new favorite foundation I highly recommend -MAKE UP FOREVER
Blush- Benefit Coralista (free with my Sephora points)
Bronzer - Nars, Laguna
Eyeliner - Nars Black Moon
Mascara- Cover Girl Lash blast... ( I am in love)


  1. Man!! Glad you got some new makeup. Thanks for the recommends!
    P.S you are a natural beauty!

  2. Tiara you are too kind... Nothing worse than not having makeup right? Ho are those cute babes... I love all of your pictures.. Miss you!