Saturday, July 9, 2011

Only person in the world without a blog...

This is us. Don't Judge me that it is 2011 and I am now just starting a blog! Better late then never right? Lets hope I can figure this out! ;)


  1. Have fun with the blog. My daughter keep her's updated faithfully so all the relatives can keep up with the family changes. FB only gives snippets, whereas a blog let's you opine longer. She uses the same site you're using and it's great. My only complaint; unlike a physical journal a blog gives an illusion of journaling, but unless you're careful, it could vanish in the ether-waves some day. My advice is to print your best entries, and make it a hard-copy, quasi-physical journal as well, or preserve it on a thumb drive if possible, so posterity will have something tangible when the satellites fall from the skies! I don't trust the longevity of web sites outside of your physical control. Centuries from now historians will bemoan that mankind gave up old fashion letters and diaries, in lieu of electronic media. WARNING: When the zombies take out the power grid, bye-bye our blogs and emails!

  2. Thanks for the feedback guys.. This is going to be fun!! Especially since I turned off cable .. ha ha