Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I am blogging from the I-pad and I know a lot of people do it, but I don't know how and it gives me some limitations, like I can't figure out how to put pictures from it. I have not done a post in a few weeks due to all of my traveling. I have been a crazy, busy workin Momma! I have done some cuts, colors, hair extensions and trainings! Oh and I got bangs....

best of all I have gotten to see my family and friends here in the West.
It makes me realize how much I miss them and how amazing it is to have my Grandma and my Mom, and everyone else scoop my precious boys up in their arms and give them love. And also My little brother gets his LDS mission call next week! I am so proud of him! And I hope he gets to go somewhere awesome!

But seriously
-this was the worst airplane trip yet, I got yelled at by a giant B word lady on the plane. Apparently I don't discipline my 2 year old well enough for her. I am not saying Noah was perfect on the 4 hour flight, but what did she want me to do? I was sure to tell her that next time maybe she shouldn't fly on the cheapest airline and maybe she should spring for first class... (I said other things and so did she, maybe a b word was dropped on my end)
- I didn't leave anything on the plane though, except the formula that Noah dumped out all over the floor.
-I left Noah's carseat in the garage overnight after switching cars, um very very bad idea because the next morning it was infested with ants..... It was a wake up call to how discusting the carseat is I thought all of the crap had fallen out when I checked in in at the airport... That was embarrassing having cheerios,fruit snacks and other crumbs dump out all over the check in counter...
-Luke broke out in a terrible rash which landed us in the ER, he is fine but was all blistered and sore... Poor guy.
-Luke also is kinda sick and his voice is gone, seriously the cutest thing hearing his little raspyness...
-I am missing Alex like the desert misses the rain, and I can't wait to have him change a poopy diaper.
-Noah has been wearing a buzz lightyear costume everyday all day.
-someone thought my sister that is 3 years older than I am, was the younger one. What does a 9 year old know anyway.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So... Here we are again another week has passed and yes I have had some of those "SERIOUSLY" moments again... I need to start carrying around a notebook, because I honestly can't even remember everything and I have fun writing about it. (Even if it is a little gross, humiliating, or totally inappropriate and offensive) My advice to you is "seriously, get over it".

  • Luke ate Noah's homework... he loves paper
  • Noah pees in random lids and cups and brings them to me (thank the Dr. visit for that one)
  • I was going to go to Katy Perry and it got canceled!! 
  • Someone pooped in an empty box in the basement 
  • Some crazy lady stole my Missoni for Target teacups out of my cart while I was in the dressing room. Who does that? Eh I might have done the same thing.. Not judging her.
  • Who has time to shower? 
  • Noah told me that I am in big trouble and that he was going to spank my butt.. He laughs when I try to discipline him.
  • I am flying ALONE with my two kids to Las Vegas tomorrow. Read here My airplane checklist
  • I am Seriously going to miss the crap out of Alex...
  • I need to be packing not blogging
  • Seriously don't ever, ever under any circumstance by Moon dough, moon sand or anything else that resembles it.  I am still finding this crap everywhere a week later.

 Look how perfect those animals look and look at ours. I know those kids didn't make them.... What the... can we say false advertisement?
Look how nicely Noahs' shirt is tucked into his backwards undies...... awesome..

Wish me luck on the plane.. I will be dreaming that this is me on alone on my private jet.  okthanksbye
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FNO- Grand Rapids style..

Cute little Grand Rapids

My friend Emily and I went to Fashion's Night Out.. We don't exactly have tons of shopping here, but it was so cute and fun to ride the tram to the presh" stores, listen to good local bands, eat, shop, walk the red carpet, and see some awesome DIY ideas from a consignment shop! 

Exposed Brick... LOVE IT!!

Such a cute idea for a coat rack..

Monday, September 12, 2011

First day of school

So Noah had his first "real" day of school where Mommy couldn't sit in the other room or play with him at the playground... I was really acting like I was so though dropping him off at the door, but as I got back in the car to drive away I lost it... I just pictured being in the hospital bed and holding my little baby for the first time. It really hit me how true it is that it goes by so fast..                                                                      {I always thought that was something that old people said}

When I picked him up he was so excited to see me and Lu Lu and shouted "goodbye" to his friends and gave his teacher a big hug!! And thanked them for letting him come to pre-school! What a cutie.            {Oh and how handsome is this little dude?!}. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day weekend.

For Labor Day this year Alex's little brother Danny, and his girlfriend, Marissa drove up from Nashville to visit us. We had a great time hanging out in East Town, Millennium Park, and Suagatuck. 

Noah Chasing the birds


Perfect timing.. Noah's toy mid air..
Da Boys

 We rented some boats

 Little Luke is tuckered out
 at the begging of the summer Noah didn't want to get in the water past his ankles.. Now he actually will swim!! Hooray

 I hadn't seen one of these since I was little... So cute

Alex enjoying life...
Check out the view from my kitchen window..

We had a great weekend and absolutely loved having guests!! Come back soon guys!! We love you!