Monday, July 25, 2011

Thats what I love about Sunday....

Every (almost) sunday we get dressed and head for Church. We are usually the ones that truck in late even though it doesn't start until 11:30 (my old excuse was that it started too early at 9:00 and I am still so used to west coast time... ) It also is a 25 minute drive each way, something I always took advantage of living so close to curches back in the days of the wild, wild west. Anyways I did a little photo shoot cuz I thought my little boys looked so handsome in their little handmade ties I bought them from {Re}Cycled consign and Design in Utah. I also added a photo of myself because I can finally fit into my pre-pregnancy black pencil skirt and I was happy... so what if I couldn't zip it up all of the way or walk very well, don't judge me.. :)
Cutest little men around! 

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