Monday, July 11, 2011

Hair trip to Seattle!!

Seattle!!  How I love this Oh so Ah-mazing city! I have been 4 times and it has never rained (well maybe sprinkled) while I have been there! People say it does that to trick you into moving there! I love love love the rain and cardigan weather so I think I could totally deal.... Anyways one on my favorite clients/adoptive Momma ( I should say young aunt because she looks like she is barley 35) flew me there to do her hair extensions and play!! 
 Space needle funny that this photo looks black and white, but it was just a gloomy day! There is a restaurant up there that spins, um food, heights and circling in a clockwise direction, I am getting motion sickness just thinking about it!! 
 This is best flea/farmers market ever I had to take advantage of the photo op... 

 These giant crabs look so tempting just sitting there.. all I need is a giant stick of butter and a bib, I think I would be in heaven.. 
 The fish throwers, I wanted a picture with them, but I didn't want to smell like fish guts.
 These incredible bouquets were so freakin cheap!! I want to live in Seattle so I can have a fresh flower centerpiece that looks that beautiful every day!! I think this one was $7.00 wtf right?
 Oh miss Heidi!! LOVE her!!
 Heidi lives on a 100 or so acre farm. She used to breed horses before her car accident and still has a few stallions, talk about beautiful. She also has goats, dogs, cats, cows chickens! There is nothing like getting your own eggs for breakfast in the morning!! One day this will happen for me!! ;)
Possibly the cutest little thing in pikes place eh? This trip was fun, the only thing missing was my two cute men Alex and Noah!

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