Sunday, July 17, 2011

Noah "Says"

I really need to document all of the things Noah says.... I feel bad that I haven't written everything down and I have probably forgotten some of his funnies.. I will post some words with their translations... 
  • Magis - Maddox (My sweet nephew who lives in ootah - Utah) He also used to call him Noah.
  • Algum - Alex he has recently started saying Alyix too. *Note he does usually say Daddy, but after He hears me saying Alex is usually when he says it. ;)
  • Baby "Yukes", "Wucas", or "Wu-Cock".   - Lucas 
  • Titten - Kristen
  • Seps - Stephanie 
  • Gama Gate - Grandma Great
  • "Foof" or "Foof-i-game - Daphne (our family dog) *Note -Noah used to add a "igame" at the end of most of his words that he was saying? No idea where that came from.
  • Cear cerls - Cereal 
  • Hot gogs - Hot Dogs
  • Ketchup - Cock
  • cocklate - chocolate
  • I don't yike one - I don't like it
  • -Back in the day, when Noah was 1 and just learning body parts, I was sitting with my legs crossed he came up and pointed to my thigh and said Mommy's belly button right dare (there) um no Noah that would be Mommy's cellulite. 
  • While I was pregnant with Luke, He would see my growing belly.. Naturally anyone with a growing belly would be pregnant too right? Well he rubbed Alex's stomach and said Daddy has a baby in there too Mommy.... HaHa

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