Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So... Here we are again another week has passed and yes I have had some of those "SERIOUSLY" moments again... I need to start carrying around a notebook, because I honestly can't even remember everything and I have fun writing about it. (Even if it is a little gross, humiliating, or totally inappropriate and offensive) My advice to you is "seriously, get over it".

  • Luke ate Noah's homework... he loves paper
  • Noah pees in random lids and cups and brings them to me (thank the Dr. visit for that one)
  • I was going to go to Katy Perry and it got canceled!! 
  • Someone pooped in an empty box in the basement 
  • Some crazy lady stole my Missoni for Target teacups out of my cart while I was in the dressing room. Who does that? Eh I might have done the same thing.. Not judging her.
  • Who has time to shower? 
  • Noah told me that I am in big trouble and that he was going to spank my butt.. He laughs when I try to discipline him.
  • I am flying ALONE with my two kids to Las Vegas tomorrow. Read here My airplane checklist
  • I am Seriously going to miss the crap out of Alex...
  • I need to be packing not blogging
  • Seriously don't ever, ever under any circumstance by Moon dough, moon sand or anything else that resembles it.  I am still finding this crap everywhere a week later.

 Look how perfect those animals look and look at ours. I know those kids didn't make them.... What the... can we say false advertisement?
Look how nicely Noahs' shirt is tucked into his backwards undies...... awesome..

Wish me luck on the plane.. I will be dreaming that this is me on alone on my private jet.  okthanksbye
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  1. You are too funny! I am also a victim of moon dough. Have a safe trip :)

  2. Say what? Someone pooped in an empty box?! Ahhhahaha, so funny! Who cleaned that sh*t up?! <--No pun intended...

  3. Seriously, you are too funny! Good luck on your flight. You need to get the airport like 4 hrs early!

  4. Love these lists...I feel less like I am the only one with crazy stuff happening everyday! See ya soon!

  5. Love this post!!!!!!!!!! So cute:) I can relate to it so easy:) As I have two kids, Its always a mess but what can you do.. Lol. We have to stay Fabulous even in our dreams :) Following you :) xxxx

  6. Ha ha!!! This is a great post! I need to start writing random things down too!!