Monday, September 12, 2011

First day of school

So Noah had his first "real" day of school where Mommy couldn't sit in the other room or play with him at the playground... I was really acting like I was so though dropping him off at the door, but as I got back in the car to drive away I lost it... I just pictured being in the hospital bed and holding my little baby for the first time. It really hit me how true it is that it goes by so fast..                                                                      {I always thought that was something that old people said}

When I picked him up he was so excited to see me and Lu Lu and shouted "goodbye" to his friends and gave his teacher a big hug!! And thanked them for letting him come to pre-school! What a cutie.            {Oh and how handsome is this little dude?!}. 


  1. Awe thanks Stacey... um look who is talking... Your girls can be my future daughter in laws.. Agree?

  2. What a handsome little man! Love his 1st day fit.

  3. what a cutie!! and how polite he sounds, love his cars backpack!

  4. how sweet! sounds like he had a great first day!they always say it's harder for the parents than the kids!

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