Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Date with Noah

Yesterday we had Noah's pre-school registration. I still can not believe he is old enough for pre-school. He turns three in November.  Anyways we had a Mommy and Noah day, we haven't had too much time together alone since little Luke came. I love when he can have all of my attention!  After his leaving his school we played at the park, then he told me he wanted Pizza and fried pickles for lunch and of course we had some ice cream duh! He also asks to go to the beach everyday... I don't know what we will do when it gets cold.. Michigan Cold.
Some new things he says and does
1-smooby -Smoothie
2-gos- ghost
3- his new favorite show is "Billy the exterminator"
4- He likes his shirts tucked in.
5-He knows his ABC's and can count to 20 {With a little help}
6- He still lets me rock a bye bye with him when he is tired and sad.
7- He has saved Lucas from choking on random things around the house
seriously, he has to always check his mouth to make sure Luke is not
chocking on anything!! Love Him

 Shoes. Mommy-target $13.99, Noah H&M $11.99
 Noahs shirt H&M and Jeans Gap

 Fried Pickles.. 
 I don't know where this little blonde guy came from? In case you didn't know I am not a natural blonde..

The ice cream was from Charlie's in East Grand Rapids. See that little window in the back ground? You just walk right up cute right?
Cute little boy printable via My Pinterest


  1. what a wonderful big brother he is and what a cutie. glad you had the day to spend with noah and it sounds like you two definitely had a great time!

  2. little noah is so cute! sorry if you've had overload of me today.... i promise i'm not stalking you. (on purpose) ;)