Friday, September 9, 2011

Camel.. without the hump.

 Oh and I found the funniest saying ever...

So on that note...

I am in LOVE with the latest Camel trend... So perfect for fall.
It looks perfect with a pop of color
{red, orange, green,}

 I Could never pull off the mini skirt for obvious reasons... um one being .......check out her legs
 and we can stop there, but this look is awesome!

 I love the chunky chunk watch and jelwery... Gypsy style.. Plus you could do some serious damage backhanding someone in the face wearing that golden perfection. 

 This photo is so amazingly beautiful.. I LOVE the red lips LOVE them, but I am still not sure if I can give in to the spider legs lash look... {For me anyways}

 Perfect, Perfect Perfection
Nail {ed} it!
 An unlikely pop of Green with this outfit!

Turban, Chanel top and bag, camel coat and Ray Bans..  

all pictures {VIA}


  1. All these outfits are fun with just the right amount of color :) and the quote at the beginning made me laugh because it describes me perfectly haha

  2. Freaking love that saying its soo true! and I totally agree I'm loving all of your outfits on here!

  3. love these images you chose, I'm saving a few ;)