Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I am blogging from the I-pad and I know a lot of people do it, but I don't know how and it gives me some limitations, like I can't figure out how to put pictures from it. I have not done a post in a few weeks due to all of my traveling. I have been a crazy, busy workin Momma! I have done some cuts, colors, hair extensions and trainings! Oh and I got bangs....

best of all I have gotten to see my family and friends here in the West.
It makes me realize how much I miss them and how amazing it is to have my Grandma and my Mom, and everyone else scoop my precious boys up in their arms and give them love. And also My little brother gets his LDS mission call next week! I am so proud of him! And I hope he gets to go somewhere awesome!

But seriously
-this was the worst airplane trip yet, I got yelled at by a giant B word lady on the plane. Apparently I don't discipline my 2 year old well enough for her. I am not saying Noah was perfect on the 4 hour flight, but what did she want me to do? I was sure to tell her that next time maybe she shouldn't fly on the cheapest airline and maybe she should spring for first class... (I said other things and so did she, maybe a b word was dropped on my end)
- I didn't leave anything on the plane though, except the formula that Noah dumped out all over the floor.
-I left Noah's carseat in the garage overnight after switching cars, um very very bad idea because the next morning it was infested with ants..... It was a wake up call to how discusting the carseat is I thought all of the crap had fallen out when I checked in in at the airport... That was embarrassing having cheerios,fruit snacks and other crumbs dump out all over the check in counter...
-Luke broke out in a terrible rash which landed us in the ER, he is fine but was all blistered and sore... Poor guy.
-Luke also is kinda sick and his voice is gone, seriously the cutest thing hearing his little raspyness...
-I am missing Alex like the desert misses the rain, and I can't wait to have him change a poopy diaper.
-Noah has been wearing a buzz lightyear costume everyday all day.
-someone thought my sister that is 3 years older than I am, was the younger one. What does a 9 year old know anyway.


  1. Hey! Yep my friend actually just gave me a blog makeover last night, Now I have some major catching up to do. I just added you to my friends list :-) I just haven't had a chance to update my side bars yet. :-) When you get home I would love to get together. Enjoy the rest of your time in Utah & LV.

  2. I've always wanted to yell at people who yell at people with kids. Good for you, she probably was a B word!! (I admit I sometimes want to yell at lackluster moms too but you don't seem like one of those to me :)

  3. I love your Blog! I love how you post real life situations. I love your fashion and think ever yout fit you have is super cute. I can't believe you look so good after 2 kids.