Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Do you ever have those moments where you just think.... seriously, are you for realsies, why, Awkward, awesome (in my sarcastic voice) I have had lots of those moments this week!  
Just to name a few
  • I took my family to Costco to have samples for lunch, it wasn't the first time and it wont be the last...  {Don't judge me I pay $50 a year for the membership}
  • I murdered yet another plant, no matter how hard I try I am a plant cereal killer. I am sick of it.
  • I sent Alex to home depot with some idea of a pipe playhouse I wanted him to make for Noah, (I of course found it on Pinterest and I thought it would be cheap... Come to find out I could have boughten 6 playhouses from Ikea or Target for the amount we spent at home depot. I made him return it later her told me that..........
  • I had to choose between him and Pinterest... The nerve right?
  • Noah was in the bathroom stall with me, the woman next to us tearing it up and he was laughing and yelling ewe Mom her bum Stanks (Stinks).. She goes fuartz (farts in German)... She totally heard him.
  • I am going so crazy, my only adult conversation is responding to the troll on Dora the explorer so she can cross the bridge. not kidding I answered the riddle out loud.
  • Noah has been crawling into our bed every night saying sumpin (something) scary is in his room and  he is bleeding from his head?! What? who is this poltergeist, 6th sense child...
  • I ate loads of cake, ice cream, and carbs galore and acted surprised that I gained 5 lbs.. 
  • While singing our night-time songs Noah says "Rock a bye don't you freakin cry, we are goin to freakin' Grandmas freakin house, up the hill by the freakin mill to see those freakin lambies.." Wow can not WAIT for him to teach that to all the kids a preschool! 
  • Alex is totally snoring right next to me as we speak and I am recording it with my phone to play for him in the morning.. He doesn't believe me that he snores..

humm I can't even begin to imagine where Noah got his amazing model material face from.. 

What a nerd.. {Get it look what is in the bowl}

Lucas keeps crawling through the bar stools and getting stuck.. He likes to create his own obsticle course .. He will be a adventurer I just know it! Oh and check out the pumpkin shirt guess who got him dressed! haha I lub my hubs..

check out my cute finds from Marshalls.... Too bad i dropped it right after the picture and broke the cake stand.. sad BTW it was $8.99 


    1. Seriously you kill me! I get excited to read your posts cause you crack me up! I am a plant killer too. I try so hard to keep them alive but I suck. Totally wish we could shop till we dropped at H&M in Vegas when you're there. I take Roman to salt lake every other weekend so he can see Bryce so I'll be there that weekend. I LOVE that store!

    2. Omg, hahaha! I can totally identify with the eating all the sweets and carbs and then acted surpried when you gained 5lb. This past weekend I ate a whole bag of twizlers (like the economy size...yea, I'm kind of a fatty) and then today I gained 3lb on the scale. Wahhhhhh!

    3. I finally figured out Pinterest... um, now im not sleeping! You are too funny!

    4. You are so funny :) I love your sense of humor. Wish we could have hung out more. We seem to have A LOT in common lol.

    5. Lacy you crack me up! I love your blog. It reminds of all the fun we used to have.

    6. Thanks guys!! I will have to do "Seriously" Posts more often.

    7. Lacy, I have been reading your posts aloud to McKay and we both laughed a lot! :) Love to hear about you and your cute fam! You are awesome.