Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ah the summer has come and gone! As much as I LOVE fall, I really hate what comes after it!!
{Michigan Winter} BLA
Anyways I had such a marvelous summer. I was able to do a TON of traveling, 
{Seattle, Utah, Las Vegas, South Carolina, Louisville and drove through West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Tennessee} Whew we were busy! I am happy I have been able to venture
 through the East side of the country, while still 
enjoying the beautiful Grand Rapids Summer. I think our main highlights in Michigan were
Millenium Park, Lake Michigan, farmers markets, building forts, riding our bikes, My Birthday   and catching
FIRE FLIES.. I had never seen them before and I am so in love 
with the little creatures... Noah loved them too!! 

Building Fort "Noah"

 Daph and Noah 

Daddy and Noah


Lake Michigan


My new lens for my camera... :)

Millenium Park Splash Pad

 Luke always getting trapped in the chairs...

 We were able to get a bike trailer for the boys.. Best purchase ever


  1. Sounds like a lovely summer. Mine was full of parties. Beautiful kids and love that last pic of you. Have fun for FNO!

  2. Great photos! Looks like you guys have a had a very fun summer!

  3. you have the cutest family ever!!! love it. and these pictures :)

    Classic & Bubbly

  4. you and your family are adorable!! bike riding and getting exercise is so much fun and i love the three of them including your fur baby. and i am right there with you lacy of going to the markets i am always sad when summer comes to an end because no more markets :-(