Monday, March 19, 2012


So it's that time to talk about some seriously moments... There were many seriously sweet little ones this week!! 

-So Noah sounds like he is a Brit, but he has a new accent, a southern "Abilene" one he walks around saying. "You is kiiiind, you is smaaaart, you is important.
-Mad Men? Do you love? I do, and Luke has the "Draping" down (See below)
-Noah came walking into my room with tape over his mouth.. He said that he wanted to leave it there forever... Ha Ha I have no objections to that idea little man!! 
-Luke dances on tables.. 
- We went to the "Butterfly Exhibit" at the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Noah was terrified after the butterflies were landing on him... by terrified I mean he was screaming bloody murder and everyone starred.. am I a bad Mom that I kind of had a giggle?
-Michigan is playing a little trick on us, it has been in the 70's-80's a few days this week.. I have loved it and I know we will have a cold spell again before summer, I hate to complain about the weather, but I AM NOT a cold weather person. I need sunshine and lots of it... I have been so happy and energetic the last few days I can't even believe it! 
-I have been peaking in on Luke and Noah playing, Noah is so unbelievably sweet to his little brother... It is so fun watching them communicate...
-I went to Sephora and seriously walked out with the one and only thing that I needed... That has never happened to me and it probably wont again... 
-So call me crazy, but I hate when someone sees my baby for the first time and says "oh the poor kid, where is all of his hair?" um really do you want me to answer that?! Ugh I find it so annoying and I might have to say something rude back.. I know they mean no harm but I guess it's the momma bear coming out. Why not say awe look at that cute smile and huge dimples next time ok? 

And this was my favorite

-Noah- "mom Lu Lu keeps blessing". Me- blessing? Noah- yes he keeps making the noise and I tell him bless you. Me- oh he's sneezing. Ha ha cuteness, we should call it "blessing" always!!

 Table Dancing
Tape face...

Luke as "Donald Draper"

 eeek it's getting hot in Hurrrrr...

The cutest bald baby ever... 

Yes one item.... Thank you.. Alex was so proud

 With the weather being warmer we can actually enjoy this view from our balcony

                            Darth- "Hey Luke guess what? I am your father... (Notice the shirt)


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  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love everything about this. From now on, sneezes will be blessings.
    And Luke has hair.. are people blind? I mean, really.
    Anyway... Sounds like you had a good week, hope this week is just as good for you!
    Love yo face!!

  3. You are so funny! You boy seem like so much fun!!!

  4. I love a post that makes me smile....One item at Sephora...good job. I can't even walk in there...I never want to leave.

  5. Omg!! You have the cutest babies I've EVER seen!!! I'm new on the net...take a look if u want =) Maybe we could follow each other?? =)

    Xx Elisa

  6. I just started watching Madmen...ummm can you say obsessed? Yeah, it's that good. I'm so glad I found your adorable blog! Xo

    1. Yay for the Madmen premier tonight!!! thanks I love new bloggy friends!! xo

  7. We have gotten some awesome weather as of late also here in Utah. It probably won't stay this way but I'm trying to soak it up as much as I can!!


    1. I know, Michigan just the same.... It teases us with some warm weather, then it will be snowing for Easter!!

  8. I think your little Luke is adorable. Well both your kids are. Sage has pokey ears like her mam :) but when someone else points them out, I'm like "yeah, they are adorable and pokey and did you happen to notice her amazing natural curly hair too." haha. I'm a total mama bear sometimes.

    1. Thanks Megan... Sage is so freaking cute!! I love her hair.... People can be so stupid sometimes.... I am going to start saying rude comments back... ;)

  9. Replies
    1. Funny you say "Mam"... Everyone in Michigan says "Mam" for Mom... I always tease my friends... Its kinda cute!!