Sunday, March 25, 2012

Disney on Ice

The other night Noah and I went on a little date to Disney on Ice! It has been my dream for the longest time to go.. 2 of my favorite things Disney and Ice skating!  I was so excited to take Noah, He couldn't wait to put on his Mickey shirt and ears. I wasn't sure how well he would last in a two hour show but he was glued... Seriously adorable watching him sing, dance, and clap along to his favorite Disney Songs. The opening act was "The Lion King" followed by "The Little Mermaid", "Lilo and Stitch", and "Peter Pan" and Narrated by the Original Disney crew Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy!
He loved it and has been asking every day to go back to Disney on Ice... We had such a great time! It's always great just having him to myself!!

 Noah's cute little friend "Kesley" came with us too they are petrolthed just like Simba and Nala... (according to Kelsey's Mom Chay and and I.) 

 Noah was too busy watching to smile for the camera..

Peter Pan was my favorite..... Noah actually hasn't seen Peter Pan yet, but knew what it was from our trip to Disneyland and the Peter Pan ride there. It is definately going to be our next Disney DVD purchase.

Here is a cute little $15.00 "Flounder" cotton candy!!
I did cave and buy Noah the $12.00 Stitch mug with shaved ice, and he didn't even like it... But that comes from my kid who I asked him if he wanted to get Sour Patch kids on our drive there and he said No Mommy lets just bring Apples.... 


  1. What a fun show! I need to take my girls, I'm sure they would love it. Noah looked enthralled in every picture. Oh, and I'm going to try that soup. Looks delish!

  2. That looks like such a blast!!!
    And I can only pray that I have a kid who hates shaved ice and would rather have apples than sour patch kids!!

  3. Ha ha... let's bring apples! So cute :)
    Seriously, I am a little jealous of this mommy/son date. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Disney on Ice. Someday, right?

  4. oh gosh, what a great saturday! absolutely love the disney movies, especially peter pan!
    so glad he made it all the way through :)
    xo TJ

  5. omg! i remember when my parents took me to disney on ice! who am i kidding, i'd still love to go again now at my age! haha! looks like an wonderful show!!

    xx Kelly

  6. Nothing better than Disney on Ice...always a family favorite.