Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful and day 11

Right now we are headed to New York for Thanksgiving... I am so excited to see my friend Reagan and her hubs and her precious little sweet Piper Jane!! While sitting in the car driving through Ohio,  listening to both boys cry, I thought I had some time to reflect on some things that I am thankful for...
-a car with a DVD player
-heated seats
-wonderful husband who drives so I can sleep
-a direct flight from Grand Rapids to Las Vegas
-my family
- the lds church and our eternal beliefs
-2 happy, wonderful baby boys
-only a little over a year left of Law School
- my ability to run my business from home
-my friends
-my fake uggs from Costco
-to be in this amazing country
-my little brother Shay {who is in Iraq} and all of the other soldiers that fight for our freedom

Day 11