Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seriously Wednesday.. day 12,13,14,15

Why is everything funny when you add a mustache? We were playing with these Staches and were laughing our tails off!! 

Guys what a crazy week I just had.... Between the holiday and a long drive I am pooped.. I really love this time of year, but it also means Alex has finals.. booo and finals mean I never see him, but that also means another semester checked off the list... I need to be more of a glass half full kinda girl.... 
I have a confession I think am totally going to be a scrooge this year and not put up a tree, I know I know but because we are headed west on Dec.15 - Jan. 4 and we were out of town Thanksgiving weekend 
(thats when I usually put it up) ... I can just blog about Christmas delights I find on Pinterest and 

I am done with my outfit challenge.. I can't believe it.. I must say that the days I actually get ready and put on a cute outfit I am more likely to take the kids somewhere fun, go on more walks, get housework done, overall just had more energy.... I think I will try and keep it up.. But I wont take pics unless i learn to pose cute one day!!! 

Day 12

Day 13
Notice my new IPhone cover.. it was $2.33 at amazon! Steal right? and it really looks just like a cassette tape!! LOVE IT!! 

Day 14

Day 15
I ruined these tan boots in New York, I am sad I have had them for 3 years and have been awesome, Alex swears I wrecked them with  gum on purpose because I have been wanting some new ones!! ps I still have one more New York post left!! 


  1. Okay, first of all, I am insanely jealous that you got to hang with Kenny Chesney!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! TOTALLY not fair!!! ;)

    I LOVE all your outfits!! I'm the same way, I do way more when I actually get dressed for the day. Days where I don't (like today) I end up trying to hide my face everywhere I go!! I totally need to start doing this!!

  2. Your little gentlemen are too cute with mustache. I like your cozy, comfy and chic outfits.

  3. you are so cute! i love your outfits. and you said guest post yes definitely i can't respond to your emails lady! so this is why i am responding here :-)

  4. Great photos! Love your blog!

    please visit and follow:

  5. If you look this good, I wonder why you would have ever worn sweat pants.

  6. dang girl, you look great! I hope i look as good as you after i've had 2 kids.

    ps. love your blog. remember that one time that you commented on mine and said yours was lame! Yours has WAY surpassed mine! I need lessons!