Friday, November 11, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that our back yard has a lake in it? Well we always have/find tons of critters.. Turtles, Ducks,Swans, Frogs, deer, and rabbits to name a few. Well the other day I found a turtle trying to cross the street and we decided to keep him, I put him in our little kiddie pool  on the deck and went in the house to chop up some romaine for him. After dumping the lettuce in the pool a strong gust of wind came and blew the pool right off the 15 foot deck and dumped the poor turtle right out. sad, why do I even try? I think he was ok I seriously hope so, my heart hurt... so I took him back to the lake.
This week was the first snowfall of the season... 
Reading status updates I can't believe how excited everyone was.. yay we get to be freezing until April!! haha, no it really is kind of fun Noah sure was excited and ran to put on his snow boots! 


Noah wanted to shovel the walks with the cheese grater.. 

 Sometimes when I find myself getting frustrated I really try and ask myself, what haveI done for the kids today? You know remind me to make sure I have tried my best to keep them busy ... I have been brainstorming and pinning to get some new ideas. Noah's new favorite game is to put the pipe cleaners in the strainer or cheese grater.. It seriously has kept him busy for a few days now.. :)

 Another project we made this week!

 I thought you have to hide your shoes from your daughters not sons...  Luke takes every opportunity to eat my shoes.. I don't get it..

My babes crawling all over me..

Luke checking out the new snow for the first time! (That he can remember)


  1. You must live in a magical place to be able to find so many interesting creatures. My kids would be in HEAVEN! Cute cute cute pictures! Such joy does motherhood bring!

  2. How fun! I wish it could snow here. Yesterday I almost ran over a turtle I thankfully got around it even though it was a narrow street and a car was coming from the opposite direction. Hope you have a great weekend!!