Thursday, November 3, 2011

seriously.. and 15 days of no sweat pants

  1. I try to go to the Childrens' Museum at least once a week with Noah and Luke, there is a wonderful historic park across the street, but isn't exactly one you would want to play in. I wanted to be fulfilled so we took a box of Alex's old clothes to give to the homeless. After playing inside, Alex walked across the street and gave the box to a man who appeared to be homeless....The man looked at Alex and said, very offended like "um I am not homeless dude"... Whoops, I am happy that wasn't me!! 
  2. The Schwans man came to the door and I didn't answer it, as he was walking away Luke crawled over to the window and Began to pound and squeal, the man turned around and waved... I was humiliated.
  3. Luke's top two teeth are coming through, he wont look like a baby anymore.. 
  4. Alex has finals in 5 weeks, looks like the three hours I had with him during the week will now be gone, I just love Law School.
  5. After last weeks post (you know when I was making fun of my husbands shirts), he just laughed and said well babe you always look hot in your sweat pants and t-shirts and not bra... so this is what I am going to do for myself and my poor husband, I am going to not wear anything but cute outfits for at least 15 days in a row.. here is the first day. 

Boots Hunter-leggings American Apparel-tunic GAP-sweater and Fringe necklace {Re}cycled consign and design 
socks target-ring- Italy, Hair {Laced Hair Extensions}

Static Electricity Hair provided by the Green slide and Noah.
Cute leaf boy (Lucas) We lost his shoe in there...


  1. Make sure to post a picture every day. Otherwise I wont believe you! You look real beautiful all dressed up little sisser. And ps. Jack is working on teeth 7 & 8 this week. It has been pure hell! You are so lucky that you have had 9 months of toothless bliss! Love ya!

  2. Super cute outfit!

  3. Hahahahaa! Love the schwans man story! Also love that outfit!

    Good luck to the hubs and his finals! It's so stressful and awful but will all be worth it!

    Hope you had a great Thursday! Xoxo

  4. Thank you SO much for the sweet comment that you left on my blog!!!!!!!
    You are such a cutie!!!! And I totally need some hair extensions!!!! ;)

  5. Love your cute outfit! That necklace is amazing!

  6. Not sure if we already talked about this but my husband is in law school too. He is in his first year. I know how you feel because finals are coming up too! I love your outfit.

    Also that homeless story is too funny, at least you tried.

  7. LOVE the static picture! And boo for lost shoes... and lost socks... and lost pacifiers... :)