Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lucas Norman, day 5-6

I can't believe my little angel face baby #2 (pretty long nick name eh?) is 10 Months old.
I couldn't ask for a sweeter, happier baby! He has been such a joy to us and gets more and more
fun by the day.
What he is doing
-Chewing on everything as his two front teeth are almost out
-dancing like its 1999 when he hears music
-stretches his one arm and finger out towards daddy like he is that Michelangelo painting
-still smiles more than anyone on the planet {ask everyone}
-walks while holding our hands
-wont eat with a spoon
-steals Noah's sippy and all of his toys
-loves riding his little bike
-loves looking out the window with Daphne

 So I still have another 9 days to go, I should have just done a week challenge... My sweat pants have never looked better... I haven't worn Jean Jeans in forev... Two days in a row 
{I like my leggings better}
day 5 
Shirt- Ruche
Hat-Pinks (NYC)

day 6
Shirt-Urban Outfitters ($10)
Scarf- F21
Headband- Anthro

It has been so cold and rainy here in Michigan the last few days, as of now I am absolutely LOVIN' the cold-ness... I love scarf weather!! 

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  1. ahh darling lacy just darling!! i bet those 10 months have gone by really fast, wish you could just slow the time down, bottle it up to keep it forever. i love your outfits too