Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 3

Please forgive the mirror pics..
Way cheesy I know.

Jacket-Target, Shirt-Ruche, Pants-Anthro (Joes Jeans)
Shoes-h&m, Hair {Laced Hair Extensions}

Anthropologie graced us with their loveliness here in Grand Rapids, my friends and I have been so excited to have some better shopping here!!! yes I picked up a few items that I probably shouldn't have, Christmas came early...
Hubs made me som yummy German pancakes for breakfast! And have you ever had
Chocolate popcorn? {Bottom right picture}
So easy
Pop some corn
melt -5 cubes of Almond bark or vanilla flavored chocolate
dump it over your popcorn and you have a yummy yummy snack!!


  1. OH my gosh I love your 15 days.... I cant wait to see what else you have in the closet of yours!! I love that Alex brought it up, cause um so me... LOL When I'm ready for the day Skip asks me what the special occasion was... Maybe after cupcake I will also have to to this challenge!! WAY TO GO and your stuff is oh so cute!

  2. Where is the Anthropologie in GR?? This news totally made my day. Love the 15 days. I need a total closet make over, seriously my closet is very VERY sad. I would love to get together one of these days. :-)