Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hefty Smurf and Papa Smurf

I had no idea how adorable Halloween would be this year! Noah had the BEST
time.  Every "Twick owe Tweet" at the door, with a please and a thank you...
(well he a few houses he said give me your candy)
I had to put a stop to that right away!
He then would tell everyone to have fun as he ran off to the next house!! 
He made it four whole blocks.. Not bad for a (almost) 3 year old!
The boys were escorted by 4 princesses as well! 

Papa Smurf and Hefty Smurf

Shake it 

Picture overload! And this is even a light version compared to how
many I took of the boys!! 


  1. Love it! Cutest "Scherf Smurfs" ever! Lucas' smurf name is too funny, you crack me up!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! Your boys are just as handsome as can be! Aren't little guys the best?! How old are they?! Looking forward to following you as well!

  3. lacey these photos are darling!! love the costumes but can i say i love your hunter boots even a tad bit more. :-) sorry I gotta give the Momma love too

  4. Love the little smurfs! You trick or treat outfit is fab!

  5. your boys are so cute. I love the costumes.

  6. Those are the cutest smurfs. And papa is looking pretty dang sweet with the beard. Not many in the under five set can pull off that look, so major props little man.

  7. oh my goodness, DYING over these smurf costumes. they are just so precious!!
    xo TJ