Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Utah + Family

I was so lucky to be able to head to Utah this fall. Being thousands of miles away from my family I miss them so much, especially now that I have kids. My sister Stephanie has 6 kids (Brady bunch style) you know they each had three kids and then got married, Kristen has 3 boys, and my Brother Zack has one little boy (that I didn't get to see this trip). Anyways when these cousins are all together it is pure craziness!! Maddox and Noah are little partners in crime, for example they ran away in their undies and we found them 2 streets over... They are best friends and I wish we lived closer!! 

Kristen and baby Koy
 My pretty Lettie girl!

 Me and Momma
 Carter and Noah made us pancakes
 Bath time!!
 Steph baby Jack and Luke

 gotta love Chuck E cheese
 rub a dub dub four freaks in a tub
 The boys with Grandpa aka the baby whisperer


Uncle Carson!! My little brother has chosen to serve a LDS mission!! He just got called to go to McAllen Texas and will be leaving after the holidays. I am so proud of him for doing this, a mission is no easy task, but I know he will nail it! 


  1. Chuck E Cheese was my favorite place to go when I was little!! I remember when good grades came we got free tokens!? Your boys are so so so so cute!!!! Love all these family pictures, you have such a sweet family!

    xoxo Denise


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  2. it is so nice to be around family. It really makes a difference having them around.

    and it looks like your brother is getting lots of sleep before he leaves!


  3. hold the phone- you live in or are visiting in Utah? I live in Provo! I have to know how much you charge for extensions. I have clip in right now but I kinda want permeant ones. yay!
    Lovely Little Rants