Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's tuesday, I'm in love!

I know that is not how the song goes, but I changed the words ok? I have a new addiction, as if I needed another and I have been lovin' istagram and picsplz now that my iphone  camera is so
 {insert 1990's words here                    .} Do y'all have either? Follow me my user name is 
"Lacedhair" on both, or leave me a comment with yours too!! 

This is us waiting in the drop off line at school, the sun was too bright for Mr. Noah

Little Luke is always smiling, I can't take it!!!! So cute

We had a much needed date night, seriously I don't remember the last time we had one, after dinner we headed to a local pub to watch the Michigan State game!

Some of our left over doughnuts and pears from the farm we went to on Saturday, amazing how fast we devoured those yummies

Miss Daph with her model face.....

I am getting better with layering, I am going to be honest living in Las Vegas we had summer, summer, summer and January. Oh ya January might be in the 50's brrrrr right?!! So even if you wore a sweater there was no need for too much layering because you would be roasting....  I found this cute girl on pinterest (duh) and thought I need to recreate that look

I went to "Ruche" one of my loves and found some cute treasures. I always put items in the shopping cart, just in case I might change my mind later... And I think I "need" all of these....


  1. Cute pics as always! I am not touching instagram! (well maybe) Love that look! I may copy that too!

  2. date nights are the best aren't they?? so important to continue after the dating period has ended. what cutie pies you have in your life lacy! and i love those finds at shopruche, one of the best things of fall and winter is bundling up!

  3. Very stylish!


  4. Aww, your little boys are SO adorable! Love that big smile.

    Ah, and the puppy..makes me want to get one :)

  5. Hi there! Your blog is so cute! I found you via the October Followers Fest and I'm your newest follower :)