Thursday, October 27, 2011


So for those of you that have significant others.... 
Do you have complaints about their wardrobe? Alex actually dresses very, very good, he just has these three shirts I despise.. Its the same shirt just a blue one, red one, and a white. Actually the white one is stained and tinted some gross grey color, any ways this shirt(s) has ruined so many of our cute moments captured on camera.... Alex you are almost 28 you can't wear Hollister anymore, even if it is just around the house.  I mean honey do you see me carrying around my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper? No, there are just some things that we grow out of. 
I love you baby, 
just don't be surprised if you wake up one day and the shirts are lost along with 
the missing socks.
Oh and so what if I wear sweat pants all day everyday,
That is way different right?

So back to some other "Serious" issues.. 

I just finished off the whole middle row of Halloween Oreos.. Alone
Noah says its thundering and lightening Mcqueen outside.. cuteness
Noah ate a glow stick and his eyes and mouth were glowing.. creepy
Noah's new phrase is "Gosh" just like napoleon dynomite, but he is not saying it to be funny he is being a little .... you know what..

he keeps climbing in the bouncer and getting stuck.

So this is me reading the August issue of glamour magazine... 
sad that I am just now getting around to reading it!

Is everyone so excited for Halloween? I am so excited to get the boys dressed up, I
stumbled across a picture of last Halloween and
it made me giggle
I can NOT believe how much Noah
has changed. Last year he was a baby still and now
he is a man!! so crazy!
Oh and yes I was prego prego!!

Ha Ha

Happy Halloween Weekend!!! 


  1. LOL, stopping by from the hop...I have a Lightning McQueen obsessed lil guy too.:)

  2. You have a beautiful family! I LOL'd at not wearing Hollister anymore. My H doesn't understand why I don't shop at Aeropostale anymore or why I don't have the same love for his Big Lebowski t-shirt

  3. Your son is so adorable!
    Love seeing your photos on Pinterest.
    Have a fun weekend!
    Thanks for stoping by!


  4. Dudette, we were robbed this week and all they took were some scuzzy husband clothes. Weird, right? Even stranger, it seems to happen annually. Quarterly even.

    Not going to lie, would be totally excited to find my old trapper keeper.

  5. Following from Follow Fest :). Nice to meet you. Hope to see you around my place sometime ;)

  6. oohh!so nice!!love your cardigan!!
    thanks for your comment!!
    i hope that you return on my blog=)
    i´m a new follower on google friends connection!!
    kisses pretty and have a great halloween!!=)

  7. First, you look gorge! I HATE all of Mr. clothes! I thought I got rid of everything!

  8. Thanks for stopping by!
    Ohhhmygosh. What I wouldn't give for some oreos right now. You can eat a second row in my honor. That would be awesome.
    Your little boy is so cute!!!

  9. ha ha, you are so funny! I actually can't stand my wardrobe and am jealous of my husbands. Since he has been out working and trying to get a job, we have got him all new things (and he gained some weight ha!). As far me, nothing new in FOREVER. Had 2 kids 15 months apart, so all my clothes are old ha!
    Loving your blog! can't wait to read more!

  10. My hubby has two pairs of jeans that I HATE!! I try to get rid of them but he hides them so i can't find them. one day i am going to get them! Very cute family and blog. new follower from the hop

  11. You're simply adorable! :) Also, I'm the same with my magazines! I never get around to reading them so they pile up and then it's like Christmas when I'm able! ha!

  12. I think all wives go through "get-rid-of-high-school-clothes" for the husbands! Paul still has shirts from high school that I've tried to get rid of! I have to "replace" them before I throw them out. Love the lipstick!

  13. you are gorgeous girl. and i totally get you with the hubs wardrobe. mr. taylor dresses very well but he has these three shirts that he wears all the time (all in just different colors - red, green blue and white). i don't mind the white one so much but sometimes i just want to burn them, ha. oh well.
    xo TJ

  14. Hello! I found your blog through the Follower Fest going on at Casey's. I'm now a follower of your blog too. And yes!! Hubs has several shirts and one pair of pants that I can't stand!! When he want me to pay attention he puts them on. Drives me nuts. lol!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  15. So there are days that the husband comes home and I feel so bugged because it hits me that it's Wednesday and he is AGAIN wearing the same shirt he wore last Wednesday. And the same goes with every day of the week. It's like another full time job for me to keep him dressed nicely. The things I have to go through...:) Found your blog through the feast. So glad I did! I am so excited to follow you.
    P>S Love your kid's names!

  16. You have a beautiful family!

    I found your blog over at follower! :) Come visit if you'd like!

  17. Hi! Just found you through follow fest but have no clue what I'm doing because this is my first one! I just started following you on pinterest too where I'm also a newbie! :)