Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I can't believe it is that time again... To report my moments of the week that were, well you know....

  • I finally finished unpacking today... ya two weeks later
  • Noah told his teacher "My Mommy did my homework, not me". 
  • I have finally accepted the fact Noah is a nudist 
  • I thought I was excited about the cold weather, but our gas has been out for hours and I am freezing.
  • Luke stopped saying Momma and now only says "Dadda" But it is still adorbs.
  • Noah calls Coke "Diarrhea coke" I think he is trying to say diet? I hope weird 
  • Noah's ghost that lives in the basement, well I think I saw it too so I haven't done laundry in days. (likely excuse huh)

 Do I really need to say anything? Well I will anyways, I am not sure that is comfortable at all.
 Cutest thing in the world, and I am getting used to the red on myself but it didn't want to come off of Luke's little bald head!! 
ya, he had eaten a blue popsicle and this is what I see on the couch.. (Scared me to death)

I feel like this all of the time especially when I blog, but I do it anyways

 Words to live by

 Why, if I had a dollar for every time I had to find something for Alex!!
So this was me this whole week, which is why my seriously list is so short, kinda random and Lame.

Mormons are Christians. I have never understood why any group on people would go through sooo much trouble to try and prove other wise. . Anyways that is something that has SERIOUSLY been bothering me lately..... 
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  1. Love all of those quotes! Your boys are so cute. :-) That picture of Noah is so funny and it does look totally uncomfortable. Luke is So cute, I think we could hook up Luke and kate when they are older, right? Fun seeing you at Target today, I was a little jealous you had no kids with you. I need a Kid Free Target trip, but then I might buy more than I should :-)

  2. Great post. Any excuse not to do laundry is a reasonable excuse! I have to say, Paul doesn't even look for stuff anymore. He just says, "Molly, will you look for this for me? I don't want to waste time." Hope it warms up soon...or you can always come to sunny AZ!

  3. i don't know if i love the position he is sleeping in, or the fact that his undies are on backwards in that first pic! so cute! and yes, the blue lips would be horrifying! stupid blue popsicles!