Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello darkness my old friend.. :)

Sooo you know I am a hairstylist right? Today I was bored, and bored stylist = bangs or new color, did the bangs last month and I have been wanting to go darker for fall!! Mixed up a little Redken shades and kept it off some of my ends for the Ombre' effect!! Oh and yes of course my 
{Laced Hair Extensions} are back in!! 
Change is fun

 For our church Halloween party I was going to make white chocolate dipped oreos...

When I went to make them, we only had 9 left.. Whoops
needless to say they were gone fast at the party... 
man I need to stop eating so much! 

Here is a sneak peak of Noah's costume
can you guess?
Hint rhymes with my last name

 My little Luke
 Luke is telling Daphne No No.. 

 The boys.......

Tonight Noah was helping me make the pizza!!! He said the piece with all of the pepperoni will be his and the piece with one, will be mine. How thoughtful is my little guy?!


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! And what a great idea decorating that table the way you did...looks awesome and so creative!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  2. Hahaha, love the pizza thing!
    And your hair looks great!

  3. Umm...can I just say I LOVE your hair darker. I loved it really blonde too, but the dark is amazing on your skin tone.

  4. You hair looks great.

    I love the smurf hat. :)

    Stopping by from the follwers fest. I'm a new follower.

    Hope you can check me out at

  5. We luv family blogs over @ Yo Michael Michael! Found you through October Followers Fest. Please follow back Happy Halloween :)


  6. OH my freaking Gosh!!! I love your hair! and Where did you get Lukes PJ's? Freaking Love the pizza....soo funny...Um love your halloween table! Soo cute! I just love you!!

  7. You were really gorgeous as a blonde girl but now you are even better !!!
    Cute Halloween table ;)

    Love from London Wishes

  8. Wow, thanks my lovers!! you are all too kind really, keep it up eh? haha

  9. I switch my hair around ALL the time.. but I have to give it a break because I'm pretty sure it will fall out soon if I keep going back and forth from light to dark. lol. Love the dark hair. Perfect for winter. I seriously want your layers! I may have to show this pic to my girl. :)


  10. Love the new hair! You look beautiful!

  11. Love the dark hair and I love your red lipstick. Very cute.