Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story of my life

 Both of my boys love, love reading (looking) through their books! During the summer I  turned off cable/dish because we were so busy and we never were watching it. It has been nice because I feel we have had more reading time, but I am not going to lie I miss watching my shows on E all day long, and maybe in the dead of the winter we will turn it back on.  Luckily  I feel like a human in other ways like I got the new iphone!! I know, I know everyone has had them for evs, but now I do.... so I can toot my own horn ok?! It has been fun playing with siri and asking her silly questions like "Siri am I overweight" she says "you don't want me to answer that"... haha she is a true true friend!! 

Here she is my little white ball of joy! Now I need a case so i don't shatter the screen like everyone else does... Lets also hope that I don't lose it huh?

no this is not a cassette tape its a case.. Which one should I pick??


  1. Get the cassette case! That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Makes me want and iPhone, actually my iPod touch makes me want an iPhone.

  2. Love the monogram or the cassette....NO DAMASK! Trust me :) miss you!