Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seriously.. and the Lion King and JTT and Scar

So I always do a seriously post on Wednesdays, but this week has been a little crazy... So I think maybe I will talk about the movie we have been watching 17 times a day for the last three days. At least now we have DVD's and don't have to rewind it all day, back in the day my mom had one of those sweet VHS rewind machines so it only took 7.5 minutes to rewind instead of 13 minutes.

The Lion King!! 
I have been so excited to buy this for Noah it is my 2nd favorite Disney movie of all time! (First being Beauty and the Beast!) It came out when I was in 5th grade when my childhood crush was JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). By the way did you know that wasn't really even him singing? Heartbreaking right?  My friends and I used to sit by the window and pray that he would just show up at our house.. I also used to tell everyone that my middle name was Taylor.. (yes I yelled at my mom because she didn't name me Taylor) So my room was decorated with Lion King everything and self made posters that said ...
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Lacy Taylor Gadegaard 
= Love
Pretty awesome eh? ya I rock

Oh JTT.. Flowers for me? you shouldn't have!! Oh and that vest with that shirt looks dazzling on you!! I also like to mix textures and patterns... 
So I did some research to see where he is now, because we all know that he fell off the face of the earth...  oh an by research I mean I asked all my facebook friends where he has been and Apparently he went to college and no one even knew who he was while he was there... He used his real name and hid from me... (Randy Taylor)  
Everyone, (well I guess like 3 or 4 people) tells me Noah looks like JTT.. I guess when Noah is 10 we will do a better comparison. 

Also what a freaking Jerk is Scar? Maybe we should have some sympathy for him... His brother is this big buff Lion and Scar is a wimpy little Pussy.. (yes pun intended) and his name is "Scar" sad talk about bullying ... hmmmm lets state the obvious... I am sure he feels really bad about the scar if I couldn't have surgery and get that fixed I would be bitter too, I mean I wouldn't kill my sisters over it, but people handle things differently...  worst of all his celeb look alike is.....
you know orange with black hair..... Poor scar I am sorry

So remember the big controversy when Simba falls into the leaves and it spells "SEX" if you pause it at the right moment? That scene is gone.. What is up with the Disney animators throwing in all of those naughty things?
  "The Little Mermaid" - Priest (Dearly beloved) and the sea castle on the cover re"member"?.
"Aladdin"- Abu saying take off your clothes to Jasmine
were there more? Anyways hooray for Disney letting us finally buy this DVD!! It has brought back so many memories and my friends and I have been laughing so hard!! Anyone else have memories of the lion king?

all photos via pinterest


  1. LOVE the lion king.

    and thanks for stopping by my blog! i wish i could fly you scotland to do my hair.

    Thanks for the follow- can't wait to read more posts on yours :)
    New Follower!

  3. Bwahahaha...I remember all those dirty little tricks Disney had back when we were kids. We were fascinated with finding them. Little pervs.

    We must be REALLY close to the same age b/c JTT was gracing my walls (and my dreams) in 5th grade, too. :o) I think I had that exact poster on my wall (the one you used to compare to Noah). I JUST saw a story on Yahoo a couple days ago about where the Home Improvement stars were now:

    JTT doesn't look nearly as cute as he used to.

    xoxo, Sarah Kate

  4. OMG My number one favorite disney movie of ALL time is also Beauty and the Beast! My second favorite is Aladin! When I was a kid my mom decorated my room with all Jasmine decor! The joys of being a child! :) Not to mention JTT! He was cutie when I was a kid!

    xoxo Denise

  5. Oh my I loved this post soo freaking funny!! JTT wow what did he learn in collage he was freaking amazing no need for brains! Love the Lion King! LOved the post!