Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have noticed that lately I haven't been taking pictures with anything except instagram and my i-phone
the quality isn't as great but it has been nice not having my giant 
camera on me at all times like I used to. As cheesy as it may sound I feel my life is more candid 
and I catch such precious moments 
like these.
Ugh these boys melt my heart.

My baby brother Carson, is leaving the MTC in provo and headed for Texas this week!
I feel bad because I have been a bad sister and haven't written him yet, I know that it is
no excuse, but because we already lived so far away from him I still just keep thinking that
he is still in Cedar City, Utah living at home and being the star quarterback... 
Man I miss my family
This 1800 miles away stuff is getting to me! 

This cheesy smile is to die for! Luke knows how to go to my camera on my phone and 
take self pics? Is it just me or is that crazy? 
Look at those giant toofers.

please stay around forever because I 

No I still haven't cleaned my mirror, don't judge.

Guess who is going on a girls trip to
Chicago tomorrow?
ME!! I am meeting some of my favorites from 
Vegas and New York
and we are staying at this swanky little number
"The Allerton" I am pretty excited and I haven't been on a girls trip since I 
have had the boys...  it is only going to be 24 hours for me, but none the less
I can't wait!! 


  1. I love you and your posts!! I love stripes too! Have fun on your girls trip! I love those no matter if they are only 24 hr!

  2. Have so much fun on your trip!! I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Sawank! Have a fun trip!! Oh my gosh, I can't even take those little teefs! What a cutie. xo

  4. You are so freakin adorable, and so are your kids! I love it!
    Have fun and enjoy your much-needed girl time!

  5. Love you in those stripes! Have fun in the Chi! The Allerton is nice, I stayed there after my bachelorette party!

  6. Have fun on the trip can't wait to hear all about it!