Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Dreams

Guys, I am in serious need of alot , ok two things. 
Spring and Shopping for spring..
I am kind of wishing I was still living in Las Vegas, because the month of March 
starts to get really warm and beautiful. 
I have been doing my online window shopping, I call it that because I put things in the
shopping cart or pin them and then I never really buy them, but I dream that I do.
Here are some of the loves I am been eyeing....
Bright pants!! Have you done it yet?
I have red ones, but I  am thinking about green or pink next..



 Don't worry of course my little stylish three year old already has the pants I want!! 
Thank you baby gap!! 

Happy Monday!! 


  1. omg, your baby looks like he came straight out of a catalog. love it!

  2. Oh my gosh I totally feel you on the pants!! LOVE them... I want a few colors myself... I got B a whole bunch of colored ones too... I love your little Cupcakes... they are always lookin so "Fresh and so Clean clean"

  3. He is so well-dressed!
    And I totally want a pair of colored pants! I feel like i wouldn't be able to pull them off, though. I've also been looking for a pair of white pants since FOREVER!
    Also... those shoes you put up here? I need those, too.
    And pretty much everything else here.
    Especially spring - let's get that ASAP.

  4. You MUST get some pink pants! I have blue, hot pink and light pink. I say get at least two colors. Try TJ Maxx to get some cheaper. Lil man looks awesome in his green jeans!

  5. You are going to die when you see all the colors I just ordered in! Ankle skinnies and FAB price! Gahhhh xoxo

  6. Adorable pic of your little boy. I love jeans in all colors but tend to stick to regular denim for myself.

  7. Hi! Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you! Your son is a doll. New follower :)


  8. I say a shopping trip is in order. <3

  9. Oh I want that yellow swimsuit!!!
    And your little guy is super stylish! He looks so cute!