Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 I swear life gets crazier as the days go by, does anyone else feel like that? This last week has been tough, but you can't help but laugh after the day is over {or in my case cry sometimes}
  • Noah's new favorite saying is "Mom you are so weird today" I guess better than him saying damn and sh*t
  • He told me for the first time that he loves Daddy and not Mommy ... tears
  • I left for 5 seconds and Luke had eaten his weight in dog food.
  • Noah creeps into our bed at night and he snores just as loud as his papa which = no sleep
  • I finally found the reason for the stench in the boys room, a sippy cup of milk was inbetween the liner of their toy box... It was the worst smell ever and got all over their stuffed animals, which I just ended up throwing out.
  • I finally shaved my legs per request of Alex, poor Alex
  • Luke wont say Mom, but he says Alyex
  • Luke found his shadow and it is sooo funny watching him chase it! 
  • I am starting spring cleaning before the producer of "Hoarders" calls.
  • Right after Noah starts to feel better Luke has a double ear infection, but at least when these babes are sick I get extra snuggles from them..  

 Snuggles with my sick boys

 Shadow man

Luke's new favorite hiding spot, the oven.

 Very well possibly my most favorite picture ever, this was taken in our back yard and makes me so excited for it to get warm to go out there and play more.

Day 6 on my hair... 
this was taken at 5 am after being up all night with sick boys..

Dont you love how a box is always the kids favorite toy!! 
Thanks again Costco!

Look at this picture of Alex and Noah side by side.. They really are twins... 
Noah's face is a little more round like mine, but other than that they are
seriously twinsies!! 

My first operation hoarders project is complete.. 
This is really embarrassing to post.

 I love Noah's face in this picture.. 

What do you think I clean my mirror? 
Check out those handprints..
Share with me some of your seriously moments so I know 
I am not the only crazy one!! 


  1. Cullen and I had a super-nanny episode worthy battle over his nap a few days ago. Like for an hour and 20 minutes I picked him up, put him back in bed, walked out, repeat. I had to go in the garage in cry at one point because it got so frustrating but I couldnt cave and let him watch TV instead. Motherhood is tough! Hang in there! And I love that pic of the boys in the backyard, so sweet!

  2. You are so funny! Noah looks just like his dad! Your boys are just too cute!

  3. Wow, Noah really does look just like dad. Twins, definitely!!! I had a few, Seriosuly moments this week. I'm stuck on bed rest becasue of foot surgery and my desk probably looked worse than yours. But with my foot up (not really, shhh, don't tell my doctor), I had to organize my desk, because it was driving me nutts. But I did it and feel 100% better. Yessss!!!

  4. awww, that's so sad! They are ridiculously cute little boys, though! And you are adorable as always!
    I love your hair!!!

  5. Hi Lacy!

    Cute blog -and- family! Yay! Thank you so much for participating in the blog hop. Wishing you all the best in your bloggy endeavors. New follower :)


  6. Very cute boys! Seriously moment...? My life is a seriously moment! Ummm...I was helping one of mine in the bathroom with the baby sitting in the empty tub and another sitting on the counter. I thought the other one was playing quietly. Well, she was, with the food coloring. She had climbed on the counter in the kitchen and gotten into my cake decorating stuff. She was trying to mix the colors for me. She had color all over her new white and pink striped shirt. When I found her, she said "mommy, I was helping you get ready for my party" (their birthdays aren't til august!) after a quick google search, a little venegar, laundry soap and cold water and several deep breaths, the shirt was saved and peace restored. Hope the boys are on the mend!

  7. Ok....first thank you for finding my blog. Second...you are the cutest little thing EVER!!! Your pic of Day 6 of your hair with a day of sick kids...SOOOOO cute. Can't wait to get to know you more...your family is adorable!!!


    Dear Life From a Mom of BOys

  8. I had to laugh about your sippy cup comment... Is that not the most horrible stench in the world?! That happens all the time around here... under the bed, under the seat in the car, toy box, you name it!

  9. Love this post, and girl, my full length mirror looks exactly the same way--clean except for the handprints along the bottom that just happen to be the same height as my daughter! (Love that outfit, by the way!)

  10. Rancid milk in a sippy cup? Been there plenty of times. I love that picture of your boys kissing, so sweet. Frame that stat!

  11. 1) your family is gorgeous. 2)cutest blog name ever.

  12. How do you take such great phone pics of your self...I look totally dumb!