Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sock Monkey Birthday..

Last weekend we celebrated Luke's 1st Birthday, with a little bash at Mi Casa.. While trying to come up with a theme I saw the boys' sock monkeys staring at me from their dresser, and I knew it was a sign from the heavens. While I was getting things ready that week my stupid printer broke, and I thought hmmm maybe I will use stamps instead.. I had remembered seeing some at Anthro! 
I am quite pleased with the stamps... I suggest using them to anyone!! 
Beware a total picture overload is about to happen! 
Party Time Excellent
 This was also the first day that my little Luke could stand up on his own and take a few steps.

 Banana Split Bar

 A lot of the things that I used for the party I already had laying around my house.. The party favors were left over baby food jars, the yarn I already had and the empty mason jars were also already at my house. The brown paper was only $5.99 for the whole roll.
 Monkey Ropes

 Monkey Bars (straws) and tootsie rolls

I thought to stick along to the monkey theme and have a banana split bar, one of my favorite things ever .

The craft table

 Making the banana splits
 The bar

 Let them eat cake

banana bread cake with caramel filling


  1. The family picture is perfect! Just casual but full of love, so darling.

    I love the party theme and all of the decorations, so utterly cute, I think the baby jars with candy is the sweetest thing and so fitting for a 1 year old. Happy Birthday little boy!

  2. wow..amazing! what a good and creative mama you are!

  3. You are so creative! I seriously LOVE this. It's probably the cutest kids' bday theme that I've seen, and actually looks doable, which is the best thing.

  4. Happy Birthday! Awesome job! The party looks great! I need to work on Peyton's party!

  5. That is such a cute idea for a party! Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. SOOO cute Lace!! I love love love it!! You are such a cute lil mama!

  7. Hands down the cutest baby birthday party I've seen on the web yet!

  8. That's just insanely crazy cute!! I adore sock monkeys! You went all out. I love it!!

  9. You did such a good job with his party! Love all the details and the mustache onesie is a fav!

  10. lacy, you did an amazing job! everything is so cute.

  11. WOWZERS! you're crazy crafty... i had no idea. so much to learn about beautiful you! all i can say is amazing, and don't judge any non crafty party i throw:) xo i miss you

  12. how creative are you!! Seriously, the party turned out darling. I looooove the stamps!

  13. That is the cutest little party!!! I love that idea...and how cute is your little fam??? Adorbs. And btw, my family is looking over my shoulder while I was looking at the pictures and now everyone wants me to make a banana caramel cake (c:

  14. Such a cute idea for a theme!! Love the labels and the banana split bar! Lovely blog dear xo

  15. Those stamped labels are the cutest! Love them. Can't wait to follow now and see more of your posts :) Your family is adorable.

    Courtney Lane