Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meeting Santa

Every year my Uncle Curtis (on my Mothers side) has a huge Christmas party at his house. We decorate gingerbread houses, eat, have a gift exchange, have a live nativity and of course Santa comes. A few brief facts My Grandma and Grandpa (late) have 6 kids, 41 grandchildren, and 32 great grandkids (and counting). Not everyone was able to make the party but about 35 were there. 
This year marked a few "Firsts" for my boys... It was Luke's first Christmas and the first year that Noah didn't cry his eyes out while sitting on Santa's lap. I wish I could say the same for Luke these pictures below describe perfectly play by play of how it went. He stared into Santa's eyes for a minute and then looked back at me for another minute before the tears came!! 
Noah told Santa he wanted a camera and a Reindeer for Christmas.. Yes a Reindeer!

After he got off Santa's lap he cut in front of all of the cousins to go back and ask for help putting on his boots.

 Playing on the ground with the cousins.. Luke wrestled Noah to the ground.

 This is mine and Noah's sad excuse for a gingerbread house.. I suck

My Mom's Grandkids! 3 girls and 9 boys.


  1. Hahahahahahaa Oh, man! Those pictures of Luke and Santa are priceless. I love it.
    And that's a very nice gingerbread house. But... I think you should stick to your day job! hehehe

  2. Very cute. I'm not much of an architect either! Wow, 9 boys! They sure are cute ones. :)

  3. lol LOVE the pictures!

    PS - Thanks for the comment. :) If you ever make it down to FL, we'll definitely meet up and take you to a football game :)