Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guys.. seriously

Hey all... I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! I had such a great time being out west and seeing my family and friends! The only problem is my Mom doesn't have WI-FI which means no blogging and her computer is as fast as a turtle crossing the street soooo I had a blogging Vacay, which means I have sooo much catching up to do! Here are some of the things we were up to! 
  1. Flew to Las Vegas (Alone) Alex couldn't come until 3 days later finals.. 
  2. Drove to Utah (Cedar City)
  3. Family Christmas party
  4. Had my little brothers Missionary farewell (watch out Texas) 
  5. My other little brother got home from Iraq!! yay
  6. Did Some Hair Extensions.. 
  7. Went to a "Friend" Christmas Cookie exchange party 
  8. Helped my Mom make a yummy Christmas dinner (some awesome recipe posts)
  9. Drove to Salt Lake City to stay with my sister and see Alex's family in Utah
  10. Did some more hair Extensions and a little shopping
  11. Drove back to Cedar Did some more hair
  12. Went to Vegas Worked at Aria hotel on the Las Vegas Strip like old times
  13. Had fun with friends on New Years
  14. Did a family Christmas party in Vegas
  15. Drove to Southern Cali to see my cute Gramps
  16. saw two very dear BFF's in Cali, Terrah (Met her new baby)
  17. got super sick and missed half the day with Mickey
  18. and Allie who is a makeup artist and hairstylist at Disneyland
  19. Tried unsuccessfully to beat the Disneyland crowd but still worth it.
  20. Drove back to Vegas, did some more hair 
  21. Got one hour of sleep and then headed to the airport to come back to Grand Rapids Michigan...  
So there you have it!! I have at least 20 posts I need to do to be caught up.... Even past Christmas ones... sorry
 Us getting on the airplane fun stuff....

 The boys on the plane..

the rockies!! 
can't wait to share all of my photos!!  


  1. New follower from Casey's page! Your two little ones are adorable!

  2. It's great to sneak a blogger vacay every now and then, because it's needed, but then when you open up your blog again you have a ton of things to share because you've experienced so much. Wow, the life of a blogger. Your list sounds exciting and I'll be waiting for the pics, I'm sure their great. Love the travel pics. Gorgeous family! Happy New Year!

  3. ahh you and your babes are cute! sometimes it is nice to unplug from the computer and the internet world, cant wait to catch up with you!

  4. Welcome back, love! Can't wait to see more pics!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Sounds like you had a busy and fun Christmas!

  6. My hubs is Alex too and our first born has the name Alexander as his middle name, just like your Noah. Beautiful family!

  7. beautiful before and after on the extensions! How much do you charge and when are you coming back to cedar?? Your kids are gorgeous by the way:)