Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Guys I haven't done a seriously post for like ever! Sad right?! 
I have some good ones too! 
1- My little Luke has a problem, its gross so sorry in advance
He sticks his finger down his throat to make himself throw up, and it happened in the car yesterday, there is nothing worse than carseat + throwup.
2- Speaking of cars, my road rage needs to come to an end, may or may not have told some
jerk to get off my tail and called him an "A hole" so Noah has been waling around the house 
telling people to get off of his tail A hole. ( but the real word) wonderful
3- While driving to Church on Sunday morning we were in a crazy snow storm, we tried to stop at the intersection and slid right through it. So scary, luckily no cars were coming through in the other direction. We turned around and headed home however....

Moments before the throw-up.........

 Hard to believe this is a "Main road" where are your plows Michigan?

Proof of me in my Sunday best. 
We did "try" to get to church ok........

4-The new fun thing for Luke is the Tornado game
all of these pictures were taken well before lunch time had even hit! 
Nice eh?

5- Noah got into the Nutella, and left a perfect Enrique Igesias
Mole on his face, I thought it was pretty funny!! 

6- Last but not least Luke found my bra, he knew where it was supposed to go, 
should I be worried? Oh the events over here are 
Seriously amazing! 


  1. I love when kids discover the bra for the first time. It is so funny what they do with it.

  2. Ahhhhahaha! That bra pic is hilar! Hahaha!

  3. HAHAHAHA! I freakin' love you.
    Get off my tail, a-hole!!! Umm... Secret: I have awful road rage, too. I'm sure that being here without a car for a year is probably extending my life by a little bit because I'm not constantly yelling at other drivers and calling them names.
    And it's okay to take a snow day! Better than dying to get to church!

  4. Oh wow I can relate to the events in your house but the kids do make my day.

  5. Girl you are too funny! Love that mole!

  6. That is a lot of snow! I am glad you made it safely home though!
    And that is a funny-cute pic of Luke!

  7. Haha, don't feel too bad. Chase says damn it far too often and in the right way. I'm the worst at controlling my trucker mouth!

  8. I swear I already commented. Maybe it was just in my head. I was going to say... I can relate to so many things! You're inspiring me to document my "Seriously?" moments too.

  9. I am very well acquainted with the tornado game. You've still got a few years left but your boys sure are precious. And look what good material they give you with the bras and all, too cute!