Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its August!

Last august we made the move from Las Vegas to Michigan, I can't believe it has already been an entire year. I am so proud of my Algum for working so hard and studying his brains out to get through law school.  This weekend we were super lazy, Friday night Alex and I had a hot date and the rest of the weekend I just overate, snuggled with my boys, and ate Nutella for every meal. 

 The weight limit on this bed says 65 lbs. Noah is 34 so I must only weigh 31 lbs.. Wow That is fantastic news.... :)
 Now that my little Luke is older, he hardly ever falls asleep on my chest anymore, I love sweet moments like this.....
 We may or may not have finished off the entire jar.... What...?

 I am in LOVE with these little Organic baby food pouches, they were on sale too so I stocked up.. Luke loves them.. but his new favorite is chewing on his corn... He will chew on this for hours and it is my new baby sitter... yay 

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