Monday, August 29, 2011

Cypress Gardens, South Carolina

One of the places we were able to go to was Cypress Gardens which is just outside of Charleston. We rented these little Row boats and got to go through a marked tour in the swamp! Can you say NOTEBOOK!! It was so awesome to see all of the gators, lilly pads, birds, frogs, turtles, and Dragon flies the size of my hand!

Luke and Daddy!

Someone didn't want to put on his life jacket!

Our little Boat! I was so scared a gator would come and attack, I mean that was just a little row boat!

Noah was singing "Goin down the bayou" from "Princess and the Frog".

  Only complaint was how freakin hot it was... Every time a pearl of sweat rolled down my cleavage {I felt like Ashley on the bachelorette, you know the finally where she keeps looking down her shirt} 
 Ryan Gosling has nothing on my Handsome Hubs!!

 Just so there is some proof that Lucas was in the boat!

They had a bunch of birds there, Parrots and other talking creatures!! It was so funny to see Noah when the birds asked him what his name was and how he was doing!! ;)


  1. Your hair in these pictures is GORGEOUS!!!!! I wish I had your style.

  2. Thanks Erica!! It is so freaking easy to do!! i will do a post on some hair styles I promise!!

  3. Cypress Gardens is my favorite place to go with family! It is so picturesque! The pictures you took don't do justice to the beauty, however, they bring me back. Thank you!