Monday, June 18, 2012

Strawberry Picking

I always hear about strawberry picking and this year we finally went! Let me just tell you what a great time we had, Luke and Noah LOVED it!! (As did I) The only hard part was trying to get Luke from eating the berries! Michigan has THE BEST produce ever, and I am really going to miss how beautiful it is here... *Quick tear*........
We were lucky enough to even have Alex tag along, now that he is in his 3rd year of Law School he seems to have a "little" bit of free time for us.. (In between all of his studying, moot court, and the public law clinics he's involved in) 

What we made for a after dinner snack!! My favorite, 
Strawberry Shortcake! 
Our Loot! 


  1. Mmm fresh strawberries and they look so ripe! Your matching fedora's are too cute :)

  2. Oh, man.... that looks like such a blast! I totally want to go do that now!
    And I know I've told you before, but you have such a stylish family!

  3. yea! I'm glad we can be blogging friends now too. Just expanding our virtual circle :) ha ha . i was looking at your fb page and i am kind of wanting some extensions now!