Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicago for Memorial weekend day 1

For Memorial weekend we took a little road trip to one of my favorite cities 
I of course took a million pictures so the trip will have to be divided into a few different posts!! The first day we got there we spent the day walking on the Navy Pier, riding the rides on the pier, and then checking out Millennium Park.. Aka where the awesome giant orb is... 

This is us standing in line to get on the Ferris Wheel...

Someone was excited!! 

Ok as much as I am not afraid of heights, I am afraid when my kids are up high.. Luke fought Alex the whole time being up there, he wanted to look over the edge and I was having anxiety attacks the whole time.... but what a beautiful view!! 

Noah's first ride alone!! He was laughing and squealing the whole time!! It was soooo cute!! 

Noah was the one in the middle! 

The Hotel room with an awesome view of the navy pier! 

Making wishes with pennies! 

Millenium Park 

Where's Waldo? Or Lacy..

This Orb is just so much fun, we spent so much time wandering around it!!


  1. OK OK HOW FREAKING CUTE IS YOUR FAM? SOOOO CUTE!! I love that you go on these adventures together! Jealous right there! A- I love your outfits! B-I will be the same way with my kids and hights! you just never know! C- when you guys went strawberry picking (so fun btw) I loved the little boots! Best! and Noah's little hat, I freaking LOVE!!!

  2. Love Chi town! I just found your blog. How adorable is your family!

    One day I'm going to have to brave trying on some extensions.

  3. I need to go to Chicago again! Looks like a very fun family trip!

  4. Ahh I miss Chicago..(it's where I'm from originally) Hope you had an amazing time in my favorite city! :) **They call that orb.."The Bean"..

  5. this looks like such an awesome trip!!!

  6. This looks awesome! My husband and I and two of our friends have been wanting to take a trip up to Chicago!!! P.S. your outfit is AWESOME!

  7. What a fun trip for your little fam! Love all of the pictures. I have that same stroller (different print) and have always loved it. However, I haven't used it for a few months and just did the other day. Holy heavy! I could barely turn it. Were you feeling the same way? I guess Luke doesn't weigh as much as Bos yet, but still... I was dieing and felt the need to share with someone who may understand! haha