Friday, June 22, 2012


Right now (well this was yesterday) I am sitting at my layover in the Chicago airport. This airport and I usually are not friends, I've lost luggage, missed flights due to frozen aircrafts, forgotten makeup bags and left my cell phone as well! But today I am really in heaven as I sit "alone" catching up on people magazine and reading 50 shades of Grey...
As most of you know I travel a lot and usually my babes are with me! This work {hair extension} trip to Seattle ,although there are layovers and long flights, I am enjoying my time by my self so far... Of course I miss my babies and husband but some time alone and Being forced to sit and read isn't ever bad. :)

To start my trip off I lost my drivers license... I know I know how does one do that? An almost 28 year old for that matter? The funny thing is, I was just complaining how my poor passport had been collecting dust and I needed to use it.. thank goodness I have one!!!

These are a few pics of my sillies, Noah wearing my Hunter boots and Luke doing upward facing dog, his new random pose.


  1. Love the photos of the boys!

  2. The boys are so cute. Glad you are getting some alone time. We all need it!